SHOCKING High-Definition VIDEO of Earth from Space Freaks Out People? [WATCH] Some YouTube Commenters Amazed, Others Paranoid

High-Definition Video
(Photo : Facebook/Skybox Imaging) Skybox Imaging introduced a new high-definition video on Youtube of the Earth that is leaving some paranoid about privacy.

The world's first high-resolution HD video of Earth has emerged on YouTube.

Skybox Imaging introduced the world's first high-resolution 1080p HD video of Earth taken from a commercial remote sensing satellite, named SkySat-1, on YouTube on Dec. 23.

It sure is beautiful, even in black and white!

SkySat-1 was launched on Nov. 21, 2013 aboard a Dnepr rocket into a 600-kilometer sun-synchronous orbit.

The one minute and 18 seconds video captures clips at 30 frames per second. The resolution of SkySat-1, the first of Skybox's planned 24 satellite constellation, is so high that it resolves "objects that impact the global economy like shipping containers, while maintaining a level of clarity that does not determine human activity."

According to Skybox, the SkySat-1 also captures "some of the highest quality color imagery of any commercial satellite and is capable of sub-meter native color and near-infrared imagery. The most revolutionary fact is that SkySat-1 was built and launched for more than an order of magnitude lower cost than traditional sub-meter imaging satellites."

Watch the video below! said that Skybox's planned 24 satellites would be able to cover almost the entire globe, "and along with its competitor, Urthecast, will soon be able to provide doubtless thousands of beautiful videos to come."

People [including us] are amazed at what they see from 200 miles up in space, but some seem a little paranoid by the video.

Here's what some YouTube commenters said:

"This is so incredible it seems sci-fiction. Can't imagine all possible applications and power of such a technology open to public ( money permitting ;-)."

"Awesome, now add Color and more zooming..."

"This reminds me the film 'Enemy of the State'. Scary..."

"I may be paranoid but I cant help feeling that as technology progresses the more restricted our freedom becomes."

"Not sure what to think of this..."

"FINALLY. Now all the rich people can leave our planet and spy on us to make sure that we are doing what we're 'supposed' to."

"I can never figure out when these satellites will be overhead. I will try to run to my roof, undress naked and jump up and down. Hope amateur astronomers will give us some warning."

"It inspires me."

What do you think of the world's first high-resolution HD video of Earth? Sound off below!

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