Global Warming vs Global Cooling: What is Happening to the Earth? Heated Debate Continues, Climate Change Real vs. Nonexistent [POLL]

Global Warming vs global cooling
(Photo : Reuters) Global warming vs. cooling

There is a huge debate about two of the biggest issues in the world: global warming vs. global cooling.

According to a opinion letter, the increase in hurricanes and tornadoes have many believing that the cause if the increase in global warming, but it's actually global cooling that's the problem.

"Weather such as hurricanes and tornadoes goes in cycles, always has, always will. Fact is the planet has been cooling for the past 15 years," the letter said.

The letter reported:

The left wants us to believe that if we don't park our SUVs and change our lifestyle, global warming will destroy us and our planet. Multiple tornadoes hitting at once and in multiple states is nothing new. In the early 1950s, tornadoes ripped through multiple states in a 24 hour period, killed 224, injured more than 1,000 and leveled more than 2,000 homes and wiped out entire towns. 

The global warming crowd that pushes the bogus claim are the politicians on the left and the United Nations that want to control our lives and redistribute America's wealth to the rest of the world. It's also companies that make green energy such as wind mills and solar energy.

The writer, Randy Harmon, argued that Al Gore is nothing more than a "climate profiteer" with his companies that strive for global warming awareness.

"I was born in 1965 and the weather today is no different than it was back then," Harmon said. "What melted the ice age? Was it man and his SUV?"

Does this simply mean that climate change doesn't exist? Is it not seen around the world?

On the other hand, many argue that global warming is definitely a real issue, and it's a huge topic to tackle. Many believe that man-made emissions, including greenhouse gases, are the cause for global warming, which is harming a lot of the Earth and some animals' habitats.

Which side are you on: global warming, global cooling, or neither? Vote in our poll below and tell us your thoughts in the comment section!

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