Americans SNUB Global Warming Issue? New Study Reveals Most Feel it's Real But 'Exaggerated' While Others Say 'Effects Won't Happen in My Lifetime!

Global Warming
(Photo : Reuters/Kacper Pempel ) Are the effects of global warming going to get worse?

There is no doubt that global warming is an issue, but the question is: How big of an issue is it really?  Well, it looks like most Americans believe that it's an issue but they don't know what to do about it while others say that the issue is exaggerated.

According to IBTimes, a new study released on Thursday revealed that most Americans acknowledge the existence of global warming on the earth and support legislation to reduce carbon emissions, but they don't believe climate change will "seriously affect them during their lifetime."

An infographic shows that almost half Americans question the severity of global warming and believe the effects are generally exaggerated, even though they believe it's real.


On the other hand, a new survey unveiled that most Americans say global warming is definitely happening on Earth and will seriously harm future generations, but they don't know how to handle the problem or it doesn't really affect them now, according to USA Today.

The poll of 801 U.S. adults, conducted for USA Today and released on Friday, revealed that three out of five say global warming is a very serious global problem, while two of three say it will hurt future generations either a lot or a great deal if nothing is done to reduce it.

"It seems obvious" the Earth is warming, said survey participant Ken Anderson, 30, a database administrator in West Valley, Utah, citing consensus among climate scientists about the overall issue. Yet, he said, "It will be more of a concern for my children and my children's children."

Seventy-one percent said they see the effects of global warming, while 28 percent say it made the damage from last year's Hurricane Sandy "much worse," although 41 percent said it had no effect.

"Large majorities of Americans remain concerned about global warming," said co-author Jon Krosnick, Stanford professor of communication, political science and psychology. Three of four (73%) say global warming is "probably happening," but somewhat more (85%) took that view in 2006.

Do you think global warming is a serious problem or will become one in the near future? Sound off below!

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