iPhone 5 vs. 5S/C Comparison: New iPhones Seeing Strong Uptake Versus Previous Model [VIDEO]

  • Michael Briggs , Design & Trend Staff Writer
  • Dec, 09, 2013, 03:25 PM

Apple's iPhone 5S and 5C are proving to be tasty choices for smartphone consumers.

The iPhone 5S has passed the 10 percent usage rate mark, meaning users are picking up the new flagship between two and three times the rate users adopted the iPhone 5, according to mobile analytics firm Mixpanel.

Adoption of the iPhone 5C, while not close to the current pace of the iPhone 5S, is also high. The colorful smartphone's pickup rate is roughly equivalent to the general adoption rate of the iPhone 5.

Growth of the iPhone 5S is increasing at about 0.75 percent to 1 percent per week. The iPhone 5 (and 5C) progressed at about 0.25 percent to 0.5 percent per week, according to Mixpanel. The 5C's numbers, which may be the most shocking of the bunch, are likely due to the smartphone's "reasonable job of taking over the mid-end part of the smartphone market," Mixpanel CEO Suhail Doshi told Tech Crunch.

The iPhone 5S is outselling the iPhone 5C by a three to one margin in the UK, according to new figures based on Kantar World Panel ComTech's consumer survey data, which measures sales from August to October.

The UK has been a lone pocket of success for Apple in Europe. In Europe's other major markets—France, Germany, Italy and Spain—Apple's share of quarterly smartphone sales continues to decline. Apple controlled about 20 percent of sales at this point last year, but have fallen to 15.8 percent today, according to Kantar. Windows is now the biggest seller in Italy and closing in on the lead in France and Spain. Apple has even fallen in the UK, where it declined year-over-year from 32.7 percent to 28.7 percent.

The iPhone 5C, while a distant second to the 5S, has been an effective smartphone for Apple in regards to acquiring new customers.

"Almost half of iPhone 5c owners switched from competitor brands, particularly Samsung and LG, compared with 80 percent of 5s owners who upgraded from a previous iPhone model," said Kantar consumer insights director Dominic Sunnebo.

The iPhone 5S was a bigger hit with consumers out of the gate compared to its predecessor, according to new statistics by Fiksu.

The advertising company, which offers app marketing services for companies including Coca Cola, Groupon and Disney, reported that in the first 69 days of availability, the iPhone 5S accounted for 7.98 percent of all iPhone usage. The iPhone 5, in comparison, accounted for 6.94 percent in its first 69 days on sale. The iPhone 5C lagged behind both with just 2.78 percent of total iPhone usage in its first 69 days of availability.

While most iPhone users have an iPhone 5, that number has decreased in recent weeks, according to the Fiksu statistics. Pre-iPhone 4 users have become the minority, making up just 2.1 percent of total iPhones in use, Fiksu said.

The new Apple iPhone 5S and 5C smartphones are popping up all over the place in Japan.

According to a recent tweet by Kantar, the 5S and 5C accounted for a 76 percent share of the smartphone market in Japan during the month of October. During the same period, Japan's largest carrier NTT DoCoMo sold a large number of iPhones, with the Apple smartphones accounting for 61 percent of the carrier's total smartphones sold. It was the first time that the Japanese telecom operator offered the iPhone. The 5S and 5C went on sale in Japan September 25 through NTT DoCoMo, KDDI and Softbank.

The data seems to confirm a recent Wall Street Journal report that tabbed Japan as Apple's fastest-growing region in the world.

iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5C: apps crash on 5S two times more than on iPhone 5C, 5

That shiny gold, quick new iPhone 5S flagship isn't working as efficiently as Apple's low-cost smartphone and older flagship smartphone, according to new research from Crittercism, reported by AllThingsD.

Apps on the iPhone 5S crash at a 2% rate, whereas apps on the iPhone 5 and 5C crash only 1% of the time, most likely due to developers' unpreparedness to Apple's new 64-bit or M7 coprocessor packed into the 5S. Apple is aware of the issues developers are experiencing, having already released two new iOS 7 updates. The increase in app crashes shouldn't be a long-term problem, anyway, as Crittercism CEO told AllThingsD that "inevitably, over time, those issues get resolved."

Check out these comparison video reviews of the iPhone 5C vs. iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5.

The colorful iPhone 5C has been revealed to cost between $173 and $183 to build after $7 worth of assembly. In comparison, the 16GB variant of the iPhone 5S costs Apple $199, with the 64GB option at $218 itself. The cost breakdown was completed by IHS "during a device teardown," according to CNET. IHS claims that it costs Apple $8 to assemble the 5S units, with the rest of the cost going to its parts.

The IHS report also adds that Apple's displays are the most expensive piece at $41.

Pricey to build means more pesos coming out of your pockets too of course. Apple is pushing the iPhone 5S for between $649 and $849 and the iPhone 5C will cost you between $549 and $649 without a contract.

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