iPhone 5s TouchID Problems Forget Users Fingerprints Over Time

  • Dec, 05, 2013, 03:38 PM
iPhone 5s
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The TouchID feature of the iPhone 5s seem to be degrading over time for many users.

A recent blog post from app developer Dr. Drang at Now it’s all this talks about how he’s had to reset the touchID in his iPhone 5s twice since buying the device at launch in October. Over time, it seems, the feature simply stops working well, and rejects fingerprints.

TouchID is the feature built into the home button of the iPhone 5s that lets users unlock the phone without even touching the screen. Just let the home button scan your finger, and if it accepts it, it will open to the homescreen or the last app used. The feature doesn’t even require a swipe of the screen.

Over time, however, TouchID somehow forgets users fingerprints and simply won’t work for them any more. As Drang points out, after rescanning his fingers in the Settings app on his iPhone TouchID works flawlessly, just as it did the last time he scanned his fingers.

Jon Gruber at Daring Fireball claims he’s heard reports of similar issues from other users. Gruber nots that he hasn’t experienced any issues with the feature on his own iPhone 5s, however.

One possible explanation, Drang points out, is that TouchID might continually scan the user’s fingerprints each time they use the feature. Over time those scans would mesh together and render the feature all but useless as it will stop accepting fingerprints. In such a scenario the only watt o make it work again is to rescan your fingers.

It could just be a bug in iOS 7, but without a comment form Apple, it’s hard to say. For now iPhone 5s users with the issue may want to wait until iOS 7.1 comes out, and it might be able to fix the problem.

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