Elijah Wood Teams with Grado and Bushmills Whiskey to Make Headphones

  • Dec, 04, 2013, 03:54 PM
Bushmills x Grado
(Photo : Grado) Elijah Wood helped create the new Bushmills x Grado headphones that combine Grado sound quality and Bushmills whiskey barrel wood for high quality headphones.

Elijah Wood can now add his name to the long list of celebrities that have their names attached to a pair of headphones, though his are a bit more exclusive than Beats by Dre.

According to The Verge, Elijah Wood and Mark Cowie, who perform together as DJ Wooden Wilson, spent five months helping to create headphones that use the wood from whiskey barrels.

The headphones come through a collaboration between headphone makers Grado and Bushmill Whiskey. The resulting headphones, dubbed Bushmills x Grado, are made more for audiophiles than the average person on the street, as the $395 price rage reflects.

The Bushmills x Grado headphones use wood recycled from old whiskey barrels on the cans, and leather on the headband. The materials were chosen not just because they will last a long time, but because they will show their age and gain more character as the years wear on.

With Grado producing the headphones, the sound should live up to the company’s high standard. In the video describing the making of the Bushmills x Grado headphones Wood said the “expression of the music through the headphones was extraordinary.”

The Bushmills x Grado headphone are currently exclusive to Turntable Lab, and likely won’t make their way to store shelves any time soon. Grado is only making a limited number of the headphones (there’s only so much whiskey barrel wood to be had), and they may move quickly.

At $349 the Bushmills x Grado headphones are expensive, even for a celebrity-endorsed headphone. These will likely provide more accurate sound than Beats headphones, however, with much less bass added. Some music lovers may prefer the bass-heavy Beats or other celebrity headphones, but these seem to be the first headphone made by a celebrity for audiophiles, which is nice to see.

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