Paris Apartment Abandoned In World War II Discovered After Over 70-Year Vacancy [PHOTOS]

  • Nov, 08, 2013, 10:32 AM

An apartment in Paris that has been unoccupied since 1942 has just been discovered.

The suite, near Trinity Church in the Pigalle quarter is a time capsule to 70 years ago, where the 140 square meter apartment of Madame de Florian has remained empty since she fled during World War II when the Germans bombarded the city, and never returned. Some of the items found include a hand painting by Giovanni Boldini of her grandmother, Marthe, who had been a renowned actress, socialite and Boldini's muse, which was sold for 2,108,000 Euros ($2,830,833). Mme Florian died at age 91 in 2010, where the apartment was unknown until an inventory of her possessions were made, leading to its discovery.

Although she never returned, she still paid for the apartment during those 70 years of her absence.

Check out these photos that just surfaced:


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