SteamOS Games: 'Metro: Last Light' Ported To Linux, Will Ship Free With All Beta Valve Steam Machines

Metro: Last Light
(Photo : Deep Silver) "Metro: Last Light" is now available on Linux, will ship with every Valve Steam Machine.

Later this year when Valve ships out its first-run Steam Machines to 300 lucky beta testers, each one of them will get a free game that will show off what the PC-based console is capable of.

According to PC Games N, today, Nov. 5, developer 4A Games and publisher Deep Silver released its popular "Metro: Last Light" first-person shooter on Linux, making it one of the highest profile games to support all three PC platforms on Steam. The game will also support SteamOS when Valve releases the platform later this year.

Every one of Valve's beta Steam Machines will ship with a free copy of "Metro: Last Light," so gamers will have at least one hardcore game from a developer other than Valve to play on the new console. The game will also support Valve's unique Steam controller as well, so gamers will get the full SteamOS experience when playing the game.

For those who aren't lucky enough to get a Valve Steam Machine, "Metro: Last Light" is also available for PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic Russia where humanity is mostly confined to the metro tunnels beneath Moscow and other cities.

"Metro: Last Light" is known for its highly detailed graphics on the PC. The game looks about as good as many of the launch games for the PS4 and Xbox One on high-end PCs. Theoretically the game should look just as great on the Valve Steam Machine given its souped-up specs, though we'll have to wait and see how performance compares.

There are currently dozens of games in Steam that support Linux, all of which should support the Linux-based SteamOS, but there are very few big-name titles that support the platform. "Metro: Last Light" could be an indication that developers and publishers are interested in pursuing SteamOS development, or it could just be an anomaly.

Gamers can always stream games from Windows or Mac to SteamOS, but many will likely prefer to run their games natively on their Steam Machine.

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