iPad Air Deal: Target Offers $200 Store Credit For Older iPads

iPad Air
(Photo : Apple) The iPad Air comes in Space Gray and Silver, starting at $499.

From Nov. 3 to Nov. 9 Target will offer at least $200 for any iPad users trade in in stores, including first generation models.

As spotted by MacRumors, Target stores are currently offering a minimum of $200 for every iPad trade in this week, regardless of generation or storage size. Users only have to prove their iPad turns on and has no scratches on the display to get the $200 store credit for their old tablet.

Target stores typically offer just $65 for 16GB first generation iPads, and $145 for 16GB iPad minis. This new deal gives users a chance to get the most out of their older devices, provided they're willing to part with the tablets.

After trading in their old tablets, users can use their store credit for anything in Target. This deal isn't just for those who want to upgrade to the iPad Air, though presumably most who take advantage of the deal will want to upgrade to the new device.

Like Walmart, Target currently offers the 16GB iPad Air for $479, which is $20 less than Apple's suggested price. Trading in an old iPad toward the iPad Air brings the price of the new tablet down to just $279, making it cheaper than the non-Retina iPad mini.

Those who are willing to wait for the iPad mini with Retina Display can knock the price of that tablet down to $200 with Target's deal. Those users will have to go without an iPad for several weeks however, as the tablet won't come out until later this month.

Other stores offer similar trade-in programs for old iPads or other devices, though none of them have such good deals for old tablets, even if it is just for a week.

Those looking to upgrade to the iPad Air can also sell their device to online services such as Gazelle and NextWorth. Both services make users ship out their old devices and wait to receive payment, but they offer more payment options than in-store trade-ins.

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