PlayStation 4 Games, Release Date: Sony Updates List of PS4 Launch Titles

(Photo : Sony) The PlayStation 4 is now available for $399.

With two weeks before the PlayStation 4 release date, Sony is still adding games to the console's launch lineup, giving gamers more and more games to play on Nov. 15.

As previously reported, Sony recently released a gigantic list of frequently asked questions about the PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation Blog, which included a list of all the games available on day one. Since the questions were first posted, however, Sony added a few new titles to the list.

Since the list first went live Sony has added a total of five more games to the lineup. The list now includes indie games "Warframe," "Super Motherload," and "Tiny Brains," which were at first thought to come out sometime after the console's release.

Sony also added the free-to-play superhero MMORPG "DC Universe Online" to the lineup, making it the first massively multiplayer online game for the PlayStation 4. "Skylanders Swap Force," the latest game in Activision's ultra-popular Skylanders franchise, was also added to the list today, rounding out the third-party releases.

As of this writing, the PlayStation 4 will have a total of 22 games available at launch. Some of those games, such as "Flower," "Sound Shapes," and "Call of Duty: Ghosts" are available on other consoles, including the current PS3, but the PS4 can add some new features to each of them.

According to Kotaku, the list of launch games for the PS4 can grow up until the release of the console. Sony's Adam Boyes confirmed for the website that several other games are "still in QA," and may make it on the list in the near future.

Most of the new games for the PlayStation 4 will be available in stores on Blu-ray discs, but the smaller independent games are downloadable only. Gamers can also choose to buy disc-based games in downloadable form, though with stores like Target offering a "buy 2, get 1 free" sale on PS4 games during the first week, discs may be the better option.

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