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Diamonds Are Forever On Jupiter And Saturn, Where They Come In Different Forms And Even Fill The Skies

  • Oct, 09, 2013, 10:04 PM
(Photo : NASA)

Recent research shows that diamonds are scattered inside both Jupiter and Saturn, where USA Today reports that planetary experts have previously thought that Uranus and Neptune stored the precious gems, not their neighbors.

"We don't want to give people the impression that we have a Titanic-sized diamondberg floating around," says planetary scientist Mona Delitsky of California Specialty Engineering, a consulting firm. "We're thinking they're more like something you can hold in your hand."

Chunks of diamonds may actually be floating in a hydrogen and helium fluid in the atmosphere of Saturn and Jupiter, where at lower depths, extreme pressure and heat can melt them to make it actually rain diamonds.

In other words, Jupiter and Saturn may be a girl's newest best friend.

"The new data available has confirmed that at depth, diamonds may be floating around inside of Saturn, some growing so large that they could perhaps be called 'diamondbergs,'" officials from California Specialty Engineering in Pasadena, California wrote in a statement. Mona Delitsky of CSE and Kevin Baines, planetary specialists of the University of Wisconsin-Madison conducted the research. reports that diamonds form when graphite-like elemental carbons emerge from lightning storms on Saturn, falling into the atmosphere and then crushing into the gem, as Bains and Delitsky said. The diamonds move further into the planet, where they then turn into liquid near the core.

The diamonds melt at approximately 5,000 degrees on Saturn and nearly 7,000 degrees on Jupiter, much hotter than the temperatures on Earth that melts diamonds. Deputy project scientist of NASA's Cassini spacecraft Scott Edgington reports that it is also possible that there are diamonds inside of Venus and Mars.

To find out if they really have diamonds, he simply stated, "we would have to go and drill for them."


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