Interior Designer Daun Curry Talks Design Inspiration, Favorite Clothing Item And Dream Career As A Child In Exclusive Interview

Daun Curry
(Photo : Courtesy of Daun Curry)

Manhattan-based creative Daun Curry is one of today's hottest emerging interior designers.

With experience in both residential and luxury commercial projects, Curry remains authentic to her bold interior aesthetic -- a design approach largely influenced by fashion.

The designer's intent is to create spaces that are a direct correlation to the lifestyle of each client. Curry's clients are living in today's fast-paced, style-driven world and they want their homes to be a reflection of themselves and the lives they live. 

Scroll down to our latest "Identities" -- an exclusive interview with interior designer Daun Curry

MB: First thing in the morning...

DC: Coffee, kiss (husband, daughter and dog) and inspiration while my head is clear. 

MB: Can't leave the house without?

DC: My green juice!

MB: Favorite item in your closet?

DC: Vintage Chanel boots.


Daun Curry
(Photo : Courtesy of Daun Curry)


MB: You could never part with...

DC: Cashmere pajamas. 

MB: Favorite scent?

DC: Amber Narguile by Hermes. 


Daun Curry
(Photo : Courtesy of Daun Curry)


MB: Favorite travel destination? 

DC: Paris is always magical. 

MB: Would pay good money for?

DC: Nice linens.

MB: Picky about?

DC: Fashion, design, love and food.


Daun Curry
(Photo : Courtesy of Daun Curry)


MB: You're different because?

DC: I don't ever think "what if..."

MB: Favorite quote?

DC: "I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living." - Dr. Seuss


Daun Curry
(Photo : Courtesy of Daun Curry)


MB: Dream career as a child? 

DC: Pop Star.

MB: Best advice?

DC: "Follow your passion and everything else will take care of itself."

MB: Inspired by?

DC: The streets of New York. 


Daun Curry
(Photo : Courtesy of Daun Curry)


MB: New York go-to?

DC: Indochine. 

MB: Ideal client?

DC: Adventurous and trusting.

MB: Something you love most about yourself?

DC: I have a deep emotional connection to many things.


Daun Curry
(Photo : Courtesy of Daun Curry)


MB: Favorite artist?

DC: Cy Twombly.

MB: Men should always...

DC: Understand the importance of women.

MB: Women should never...

DC: Underestimate themselves.


Daun Curry
(Photo : Courtesy of Daun Curry)


MB: There is too much...

DC: Unnecessary fluff. Always edit both in design and in your personal life. 

MB: Most adventurous thing you've done?

DC: Eloped. Happily married 11 years and counting...

MB: Moment of triumph? 

DC: Balancing my career and being a mother.

MB: Epic fail?

DC: Previously taking on bad business partners. 


Daun Curry
(Photo : Courtesy of Daun Curry)


MB: You are proud of?

DC: All of the hard work I have invested into building my career.

MB: ________ makes you smile?

DC: My daughter.

MB: If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, living or dead, who would it be?

DC: Edna St. Vincent Millay.


Daun Curry
(Photo : Courtesy of Daun Curry)


MB: The future...

DC: Is so bright, I can't wait!

MB: In the end...

DC: "I did it my way."

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