NousDecor Founder Mark Cutler Talks Online Design Business [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]


Interior designer Mark Cutler is known for his interior design approach with clients to be similar to the artistry of portraiture - "...the homes I create are like portraits that not only reflect their values and history, but inspire them (clients) to embrace a bigger future." 


Mark Cutler
(Photo : Courtesy of Mark Cutler Design)


Through his firm, Mark Cutler Design, Cutler beautifully merges his eye for architecture and rich design, which stems from traditional elements to today's ultra-modern aesthetic, into residential and commercial spaces.

The Australian-born designer has curated his distinct style by remaining curious and finding influences everywhere he goes. The designer has lived and worked in New York and London, and he has traveled throughout Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia and North America to hone his talent.

With the drive to further share his aesthetic with more clients, Cutler has recently launched his new online design service, NousDecor. It is a comprehensive design platform that assists you in designing your room from start to finish, completely online. The services are led by Mark Cutler himself, alongside his design team, and include decorating ideas, high-quality furnishings, a color palette consultation, custom 3D depictions of the space and, of course, Cutler's personalized advice and support!

Find out how Mark Cutler continues to impact today's design industry on this week's The Scoop!


MB: Who is Mark Cutler? As an individual and as an interior designer?

MC: As an individual I think I am funny, smart and caring. As an interior designer, I am somewhere between a psychiatrist and a magician. 

MB: What were you like as a child? Do you believe design was ingrained in you from the start? 

MC: I would love to say I was a tough rebel, but alas no. I was always the kid with his homework done, good at sports and always looking for extra credits. 


Courtesy of Mark Cutler Design
(Photo : Courtesy of Mark Cutler Design)


MB: Do you remember a significant sign or "aha moment" where you knew that interior design was the industry for you?

MC: I had wanted to be an architect since I can remember. I segued into Interior Design after practicing architecture for about 10 years. I think my aha moment came after my first big installation and I thought hell yeah, I can do this!

MB: What propelled you to build your own company, Mark Cutler Design?

MC: I have always been fairly independent so it never occurred to me that I could not work for myself. I think the entrepreneurial spirit is either there or it's not. 


Courtesy of Mark Cutler Design
(Photo : Courtesy of Mark Cutler Design)


MB: Where do you seek inspiration? And what continues to inspire you and facilitate your growth as a creative brand?

MC: Much to the chagrin of my family, inspiration is EVERYWHERE. I take millions of photos, do sketches, make notes, so rarely is a car trip in our family from point A to point B...there are usually unscheduled stops along the way.

MB: Could you define your design aesthetic in 3 words?

MC: Creative, empowering and accessible.

MB: What is "that thing" that your customers can rely on you for? 

MC: My clients can always rely on me certainly for the basics like integrity and honesty, but above that, they come to me because the homes I create are like portraits that not only reflect their values and history, but inspires them to embrace a bigger future.


Courtesy of Mark Cutler Design
(Photo : Courtesy of Mark Cutler Design)


MB: Tell us about NousDecor. Can you describe its impact on the design industry today?

MC: Design online is not a new idea, but what NousDecor has done is totally unique. Most of our competitors are created by engineers with no experience in Interior Design or by designers with no experience in engineering. NousDecor has come at the problem from both ends with outstanding engineering but also, by harnessing my experience, outstanding Interior Design services. This is a revolutionary idea, giving people access to one of the best designers in the country. The impact of this is to turn the industry on its head and create a totally new way for design to be accessed. 

MB: What has been the most difficult challenge that you've had to overcome throughout your career so far?

MC: I come up with a million ideas a day, so keeping track of those is a constant challenge. I am always wanting it done now. This of course is one of the great benefits of NousDecor, it cuts that timeline dramatically, which is why it is such a good fit for me. 


Courtesy of Mark Cutler Design
(Photo : Courtesy of Mark Cutler Design)


MB: What would you want to be remembered for? 

MC: I would like to be remembered as a person who always had time to share a good laugh, who was patient and kind with others but demanding and driven of himself.

MB: What's next?

MC: Gosh, who knows? I am working on some fabric and furniture designs, a book has got to be out there somewhere too. I LOVE books so I have always wanted to write one, I just never felt I had anything unique to say. I think though NousDecor has helped solidify what I stand for in design and now I think I might be ready. 


Mark Cutler
(Photo : Courtesy of Mark Cutler Design)

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