10 Most Stylish Italian Fashion Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

Chiara Ferragni
(Photo : Getty Images - Gabriel Bouys / Chiara Ferragni)

Every city has its own heritage, style and attitude. And, in today's world of social media, every major international city has its own array of bloggers and influencers. 

As many of you know, or should know, Italy is a leading country in fashion design. Fashion is a major proponent in Italian culture and their way of life. From Palermo to Milan, each Italian city has had its hand in producing luxury goods, accessories, beauty products and, of course, textiles. 

We're sharing some of our favorite Italian bloggers that we have followed for the last few years. Due to an overwhelming interest surrounding these ladies' personal style and jet-setting lifestyles, fashion enthusiasts around the world have grown be loyal followers of their platforms. And in turn, their blogs and social media activity, these fashionable ladies have been able to build a lucrative business for themselves. 

One of the most popular is Milan-born Chiara Ferragni, not only is she well known throughout Italy, but she is definitely one of the most well-known bloggers in the world. Ferragni is the woman behind The Blonde Salad and she has created several collections in collaboration with leading fashion brands such as Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton, as well as published her own book and produced her very own footwear line. From being the first blogger to appear on a Vogue cover in April '15 to becoming a subject of study at Harvard Business School, it has been stated that Ferragni's net worth is estimated at whopping $12 million. 

Each of these Italian ladies have impressive resumes and are continuing to create their own way into the fashion industry. Discover who made the cut and start following these Italian women for some daily style inspiration!

1. Chiara Ferragni


Legs, @miumiu and @dior #ChiaraElleSpain @elle_spain

A photo posted by Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferragni) on



2. Eleonora Carisi




3. Marta Pozzan




4. Gilda Ambrosio


Monotone II #vibes

A photo posted by Gilda Ambrosio (@gildaambrosio) on



5. Candela Novembre


Ma perché? Dici che piove?  Io shaino ⚡️⚡️ #LOEWE __ _

A photo posted by @candela_________ on



6. Chiara Biasi


@dondupofficial #presentation #mfw #milan | _ @lpossiede | _ @manuelarosignolimua

A photo posted by Chiara Biasi (@chiarabiasi) on



7. Erika Boldrin


Yesterday outside Jil Sander. _ by @thelocals wearing @ports1961womenswear @pcademartori

A photo posted by Erika Boldrin (@erika_boldrin) on



8. Irene Buffa




9. Chiara Nasti


Last day in usa❤️___ #STK @supertokyo_official #USA #NY #NEWYORKCITY

A photo posted by Chiara Nasti (@nastilove) on



10. Mariano Di Vaio


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