9 Famous Danish Designers: Shop Iconic Pieces From Arne Jacobsen, Hans Wegner, Finn Juhl And More

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(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)

In the spirit of Copenhagen Fashion Week spring/summer 2017 kicking off today, Wednesday, Aug. 10, we thought it timely to remember a few legendary designers that paved the way for Danish design. 

We're highlighting iconic furniture and lighting designers from the late 19th and 20th century, and hopefully they are names you recognize. Along with some brief historical facts, we've included the iconic furniture and lighting pieces that been influential for all types of designers across the world today. 

Here are nine famous Danish designers and, if you're of the fortunate few, shop their original pieces from 1stDibs below! 


1. Arne Jacobsen


Born in 1902, architect and designer Arne Jacobsen received his educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture in Copenhagen. Jacobsen is best known for his furniture designs, specifically Ant™, Series 7™, The Egg™ and The Swan™. He also designed textiles, wallpaper and silverware until his death in 1971. 


(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


1. Orange Egg Chair and Ottoman : $6,800

2. SAS Hotel 'Giraffe' Chairs, 1958 : $20,491.27

3. Swan Chair with Wooden Legs : Price Upon Request


2. Finn Juhl


Finn Juhl was an architect, designer and industrial designer who made his name in the '40s. He was born in 1912 and received his education at the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Juhl was the first designer to introduce Danish Modern design to the United States — an approach embracing clean, minimal lines and the use of wood. Juhl is best known for his furniture designs, specifically his Pelican chairs, Egyptian chairs, the Poet sofa and his 1949 Chieftain chair. Finn Juhl died on May 17, 1989. 

(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)

1. Chieftain Chair : $10,245.63

2. Glove Cabinet, 1961 : $35,000

3. Poet Settee : $25,000


3. Hans Wegner


Hans Wegner is known as the master of Danish chair design. "To Wegner, a chair isn't just a peice of furniture, but a work of art made to support the human form." Wegner was born in 1914 and was trained as a cabinet maker at an early age. By 22, he entered the School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen. His most iconic pieces are the Wishbone Chair, Wegner Wing Chair and the Wegner CH07 Shell Chair. In 1950, his Round chair was put on the cover of Interiors magazine and was called "the world's most beautiful chair." His designs became internationally known and even made an appearance during the presidential debates televised in 1961 between Nixon and Kennedy. Hans J. Wegner died in Copenhagen on Jan. 26, 2007.  

(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


1. Halyard Chair : Price Upon Request

2. Round Chair : $2,300.00

3. Paper Bear Chair : $13,660.84


4. Børge Mogensen


Børge Mogensen was born in 1914 and studied alongside Arne Jacobsen and Hans Wegner in Copenhagen. Mogensen's design approach is simple and functional furniture characterized by strong and precise lines. He is best known for his Spanish chair. Mogensen died on Oct. 5, 1972. 

(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


1. Pair of Leather Hunting Chairs : $12,000.00

2. Spanish Chair : $4,496.69

5. Poul Kjærholm


Poul Kjaerholm was born in Oster Vra in 1929 and studied furniture design at the Copenhagen School for the Applied Arts until 1952. Kjærholm became known for his designs which combined high-quality craftsmanship and new technology. His design approach embraced unique techniques and materials, including steel and woven cane along with natural wood. Kjærholm was designing renowned chair prototypes for Fritz Hansen and collaborating with Ejvind Kold Christensen up until his death in 1980. 

(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


1. PK-22 All Original : $4,900.00

2. PK-61 Green Marble Table, 1956 : $4,724.38

3. PK-20 Leather Lounge Chair : $3,500.00

6. Poul Henningsen


Poul Henningsen was best known by his initials, "PH." Henningsen was born in 1894 in Ordrup, Denmark. Since the age of 18 he experimented with light and was professionally trained at the Technical School and the Danish College of Technology in Copenhagen. By 1920, Henningsen was an independent architect and began designing a lighting series — a series using his initials. He is considered to the world's first lighting architect. Henningsen died on Jan. 31, 1967 in Hillerød, Denmark. 

(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


1. Artichoke Ceiling Lamp : $10,814.84

2. Contrast Pendants with White and Orange Lamellas : $4,400.00

3. PH 4/3 Lamp : Price Upon Request 

7. Verner Panton


Verner Panton was born in Gamtofte, Denmark in 1926. Panton studied architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and worked for two years under Arne Jacobsen's architecture firm. In 1955, Verner founded his own studio and became known for his futuristic, bimorphic forms and shapes in his furniture and lighting designs. He is best known for his Panton chair created in 1967 which was the first single-form injection-molded plastic chair. Panton died on Sept. 5, 1998 in Copenhagen. 

(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


1. "S" Chair : $450.00

2. Flower Pots : $3,200.00

3. Relaxer Chair, 1975 : $1,593.77

8. Kaare Klint


Kaare Klint was born in 1888 in Frederiksberg and began designing furniture in 1914 for the Faaborg Museum. His design approach combined form and material in a harmonious way featuring pure lines and supreme craftsmanship. He is considered to be the father of Danish furniture design and is best known for his Safari chair and Faaborg Chair. He helped found the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Furniture School in 1923 and taught many legendary Danish designers. Klint died on March 28, 1954.

(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


1. Safari Chair : $2,950.00

2. Pair of Propeller Stools : $4,750.00 

3. Faaborg Chair : $4,300.00


9. Ole Wanscher


Ole Wanscher was born on Sept. 16, 1903 and became a leading designer in the Scandinavian Design movement. Wanscher studied at the Danish School of Art and Design under esteemed designer Kaare Klint from 1924 to 1927. He was very influenced by 18th century British design through Ancient Egypt. His own designs combine function and elegance with sleek, slightly curved lines. Wanscher is best known for his teak easy chair designed for France & Son in 1951. The Danish designer died on Dec. 27, 1985. 

(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)



1. Mod. PJ112 Teak Easy Lounge Chairs, 1960s : $3,415.21

2. Pair of Ladder Back Lounge Chairs : $4,000.00

3. Rosewood Credenza : $3,400.00

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