BTS Suga Mixtape Release Moved To Late August, Music Video To Feature JYPE Girl Group Member?

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  • Aug, 08, 2016, 08:57 AM
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(Photo : Twitter/BTS Official Twitter/@bts_twt) BTS' Suga will release his solo mixtape in August.

BTS fans have been clamoring for Suga's mixtape for a while now, and it's only a matter of days before the release of the rapper's highly anticipated tracks.

A new rumor claims that a girl group member from JYP Entertainment will be featured in Suga's upcoming music video.

Wonder Girls' Sunmi will reportedly star in the BTS member's MV, but it is unclear whether or not she will also be featuring in the song itself.

"Sunmi will be starring in Suga's new music video," a JYP Ent rep reportedly confirmed to MBN Star, via @hobuing.

BigHit Entertainment, BTS' agency, also confirmed Sunmi's participation in the music video, stating, "It is correct that Sunmi will appear in Suga's new music video."

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The report also said that the release of Suga's mixtape has been moved from early to late August.

"According to BigHit Entertainment, the mixtape is to be released within the last 20 days of August. However, the exact concept of the mixtape has yet to be revealed," read the statement.

Meanwhile, Suga recently opened up about his mixtape during an interview with IDOL 爱豆 on Aug. 4, where he confessed that he was surprised by the amount of interest garnered by the announcement of his mixtape.

According to the BTS member, he did not initially plan on making an official announcement through the media or even social media because his mixtape was intended to be a surprise for fans.

"I actually wanted to surprise fans when I release it. But I've received so much interest than expected. I didn't even plan to release news about it. But news came out, so I feel really pressured now," he shared. "I didn't expect that to happen, I wanted to release the mixtape without any pressure. But since so many people are interested, I'll work hard to produce music with even better quality."

Are you excited for Suga's new tracks? For now, watch BTS' full interview below with english subtitles below:

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