'Dance Moms' Season 6: Gianna Martello Shares What It's Like To Be Maddie Ziegler's Teacher

Maddie Ziegler
(Photo : Getty Images/Jason Merritt) Maddie Ziegler continues to receive training from ALDC coach Gianna Martello.

"Dance Moms" coach Gianna Martello recently dished on what it's like to be Maddie Ziegler's dance teacher.

In an interview with Bustle, Martello shared that she and Ziegler connect well with each other. At present, the latter continues to have private dance lessons with the former despite her busy schedule.

"Maddie can read into my brain about what I want to portray into a routine. Her mind looks deeper and finds the detail," she said.

Meanwhile, Martello, who originally wanted to become a professional dancer herself, had the opportunity to choreograph a number of routines in "Dance Moms" season 6.

During the first half of the season, there were some episodes where ALDC coach Abby Lee Miller didn't teach her students any routines. Miller was also absent from some episodes, and Martello was left to choreograph the dance numbers of the girls.

According to her, the experience was both rewarding and stressful.

"I never want Abby to come back and say, 'I hate that routine' and I want her to okay everything because it's ultimately her team and I want to make sure it's up to her standards. On the flip side, there's less drama and commotion when she's not there and I can get more work done faster," she said.

In other news, "Dance Moms" was recently confirmed for a seventh season. But ahead of this, the Mini Elite dancers will return to the hit Lifetime reality TV show.

Joining Areana Lopez, Elliana Walmsley and Alexus Oladi is new member Lilliana Ketchman. The latter will be featured in the upcoming episodes of "Dance Moms" season 6B.

Martello said that Ketchman is one to watch out for because she's a very talented dancer.

She added that with Ziegler and Mackenzie's exit, viewers should also pay attention to season 6 newcomer Brynn Rumfallo.

"Brynn is an amazing addition to the team. She's very versatile and we needed a new strong team member," she said.

"Dance Moms" season 6B will air on Lifetime sometime this September.

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