Why Apple Could Be Ending Its iPad Air Series With iPad Air 3

  • Mary Heart , Design & Trend
  • Aug, 07, 2016, 07:22 PM
(Photo : Getty Images/Justin Sullivan ) There are rumors claiming that Apple is going to conclude its iPad Air series this year.

Apple is reportedly releasing the successor to its 2-year-old iPad Air 2; however, if the rumors were true, the iPad Air 3 could be the final installment in the Air series.

Rumors and reports about the Cupertino-headquartered company's plan to end the Air series with the iPad Air 3 have continuously sprouted online ever since the iPad Pro 9.7 was released this March.

The rumors have yet to die down, with Macworld reiterating that it is very likely that Apple will focus on the iPad Pro series henceforth, leaving no time for the company to work on another Air iteration after this year's installment.

The rumors may not have been baseless at all, since Apple has been struggling to sell its tablets ever since it launched the iPad Air 2 in October 2014. The decline in sales is taking a toll on the tech giant, with investors wondering if there is an end to this problem, as per The Motley Fool.

This year, Apple is planning to rebound by refreshing all of its tablet lines and even its famous iPhone series, but it is going to be a big and expensive risk for the company's finances.

Back in early March, Wired voiced out that Apple should give consumers a new reason to buy its iPads to counter the sales figures that appear to be "sinking like a horse in a quicksand."

At the time, Apple has yet to take the wraps off of its iPad Pro 9.7 device, so the business site and many tech sites were speculating that the smaller Pro would already replace the iPad Air 2.

Forbes also reported back then that the iPad Pro 9.7 overlaps the iPad Air 2 in so many areas that the former isn't quite as big of a deal or an upgrade for iPad Air 2 owners.

It is also unclear whether the iPad Air 3 will just be a modified version of the iPad Pro 9.7, or a device that would impress the market with its new specs and features.

As of late, rumors suggest that the iPad Air 3 could just be sporting the same specs and features as the iPad Pro 9.7 save for the A9x chip, because the former is presumably coming with the A10 chip, according to PC Advisor.

There is no word yet on the possible new features that the iPad Air 3 will have that the iPad Pro 9.7 doesn't. Fans can expect details about these in the coming weeks or a few weeks prior the October release date of the device. 

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