OnePlus 3 Sales Paused In Europe As Company Tries To Keep Up With Demand

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OnePlus 3
(Photo : OnePlus) Sales for the OnePlus 3 will also be paused in Hong Kong starting on August 9.

Sales for the OnePlus 3 in Europe will temporarily be halted due to OnePlus' inability to keep up with the overwhelming demand from customers in the region.

When OnePlus announced the third iteration of its "flagship killer" this year, the company was confident enough to forgo its invite system to sell the handset to customers.

In doing so, the company may have underestimated the demand for the OnePlus 3 in mainland Europe. The company had to pause the sales for the handset from in order to replenish its inventory.

"The reason for this is simple. We were confident in the OnePlus 3 when it launched, but sales in mainland Europe have been way better that what we expected," OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei wrote in his blog post.

"Therefore, we've decided to temporarily pause sales in some countries in order to give inventory time to replenish."

Because of this, sales for the OnePlus 3 will halt starting on August 9 until Sept. 12 in 24 countries, including: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, france, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain. Unfortunately, Hong Kong is also affected by the inventory shortage.

Pei stated that those who were able to place their orders before Aug. 9 will still get the device as scheduled. The company will also be setting up a notification system to tell customers if the handset is already available in their country. Customers will simply have to sign up for the in-stock notification service by providing their email address.

"We are working hard to secure more stock and fire up more production lines so that we can fulfil our goal of putting premium products into the hands of as many people as possible," Pei noted.

This isn't the first time that OnePlus has struggled to keep up with customer demand. Even when the company had the invite system in place, it had trouble with keeping up with its customers' orders.

Customers in the United Kingdom are not affected by this, but the OnePlus 3's price went up from £309 to £329 because of the pound's drop in value versus the dollar due to the "Brexit" vote in late June, according to WIRED.

As for the United States, customers can now pick up the limited edition soft gold OnePlus 3 which launched just last week for $399, as well as continue ordering the regular graphite version for the same price.

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