Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date Rumors, Specs: February at Mobile World Congress 2014 [VIDEO]

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How does a February release date for the Galaxy S5 sound?

A new rumor for the upcoming Samsung flagship suggests that it could debut at Mobile World Congress 2014, which contradicts against initial reports that Samsung would follow its release calendar and launch the S5 in March with a release the next month.

The IB Times, however, thinks that consumers shouldn't neccessarily assume that Samsung will stick to their old habits with the S5 release.

Another launch detail to consider is the fact that, with all of the hype leading up to it, the S5 may just get its own official unveiling event. We'll keep on the lookout for more release date rumors, but your best bet is probably going to be Q1 of 2014 or Q2 at the latest.

The Galaxy S5 will not feature the fingerprint sensor technolgy made popular by Apple's new flagship iPhone 5S, according to a report by the Korea Herald.

The Galaxy Note 3 did not feature the technology, which is not expected to arrive for Samsung devices until the second half of 2014, or after the Q1 release date the Galaxy S5 is pegged for. The fingerprint sensor could debut in the Galaxy Note 4 or another premium device later in 2014, depending on the speed of the sole Korean firm that is working on developing the competing product to Apple's tech.

Early rumors suggested that the Galaxy Note 3 could get the security feature, but the Korea Herald report claims that Samsung skipped its inclusion in the smartphone because it was not up to Samsung standards yet.

In the report, an unnamed Samsung executive states, "We never officially admitted that Samsung was weighing the fingerprint system and Knox for Galaxy Note 3 for security functions. We are not yet developing the technology." However, with "leaks hinting at biometric access details inside code for Samsung's smartphones, it may be that Samsung is not developing it internally, but instead relying on a Korean firm," according to Gotta Be Mobile.

The Galaxy S5 is one of the hottest smartphones being discussed right now and with plenty of rumors circulating about the next Samsung flagship smartphone, it can be difficult to sift through and discover the specs news most likely to come to fruition. While nothing has been confirmed by Samsung yet, there's plenty of information available to make reasonable statements about what you should actually see in the upcoming S5. Let's take a look at some release date and specs information worth your time.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date

No matter the possible specs, the biggest question for the majority of consumers with any smartphone is 'when can I actually expect it?' The answer to this question is important for those who may be considering other smartphone options and for those who may be nearing a smartphone upgrade based on their wireless contract plan.

So when you hear any S5 rumors, be sure to understand there's no way this phone releases until 2014. Samsung's history does not indicate they release multiple flagships in one year, so its very unlikely the S5 will debut before the new year. As for a more precise estimate, expect the S5 in Q1 of 2014 or Q2 by the latest.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs

Here's a quick breakdown of things you can expect:

-Metal Design

Reports indicate Samsung is trying out the idea of a metal design. Though they've passed on this before with the Galaxy Note 3, but if Samsung keeps pushing the S series (rather than the F series) as its premium smartphone, it's likely they will listen to consumers' demands and ditch the plastic for the S5.

-Large Display with YOUM technology

Samsung showed off the flexible display tech at CES 2013 and though it hasn't debuted in a smartphone yet, Samsung promised October, which would suggest a limited edition Galaxy Note 3. It would be a surprise of the next S series smartphone doesn't get this tech, either.

-An Improved Camera

The S4 is not in the same class as the market's best premium smartphone cameras. It's likely Samsung steps up their game for the S5, so in the very least, expect upgrades to its camera app and sensor.

-Large Battery

A metal design would frustrate some users who like the removable back and microSD card slot in the S4. Putting a much bigger battery would take care of things.

-2GB or 3GB of RAM

The Galaxy Note 3 has 3GB, so expect the S5 to get it too.

-High-Performance Processor

Either from Qualcomm or Samsung; new chips debuted at CES 2013 for the S4, and we expect the same for the S5.

-Android 4.4 KitKat

Samsung typically puts the most recent Android version in their phones.

-Widespread availability on major carriers

Typical for the Galaxy S line.

-$199.99 Price

Samsung has sticked to the same pricing for the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series, and with Apple doing the same for the iPhone line, expect more of the same with the Galaxy S5.

Want more of the Galaxy S5? Read on below for S5 rumors and concept design videos.

Samsung is working on their own camera technology that could be featured in the Galaxy S5, according to a report by Gotta Be Mobile.

ISOCELL will be used to help the camera "capture more light and retain increashed sharpness, boasting superior performance to the backside illuminated, or BSI, sensor technology that's often utilized by rival Sony in its Exmor imaging sensor," according to the report.

The ISOCELL tech will help smartphones like the S5 capture images in low light without using flash, which would help the smartphone compete with Nokia's Lumia 920, Lumia 925, and Lumia 1020 smartphones as well as the HTC One, LG G2, Moto X and iPhone 5s. (Read the full details on the tech at Gotta Be Mobile.)

The Galaxy S5 metal body rumors just won't go away either, as the Taipei Times, reports that Taiwan-based component supplier Catcher Technology is likely to receive orders for a metal casing for the upcoming Samsung flagship smartphone. The report also claims that production will kick off in Q1 of 2014, suggesting a Q2 release date for the Galaxy S5.

Check out this Galaxy S5 concept design photo gallery!

The upcoming Samsung flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone will not be labeled the "cheap" phone its predecessors have, according to a several other recent reports. The S5 seems increasingly likely to be the first of the 'Galaxy S' line to ditch plastic and feature premium materials, inside and out, according to the IBTimes. The S5 is rumored for a unibody design made from aluminum and magnesium components, with high-quality parts including a new CPU and higher RAM. While the materials will cost consumers, the next step for the Galaxy S series is clearly to improve on the quality of the phone's exterior.

The S5 is also being rumored to include exclusive applications designed to improve daily tasks. Some of these apps, which include those from the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 3, are S Health, S Translator, Air Gestures and S Voice. More exclusive apps are expected to go along with these, as well.

The Galaxy S5 could run Samsung's own OS, Tizen, instead of Android, according to a report by the IBTimes.

While it's possible the S5 will run Tizen, it's more likely that the smartphone will come in both versions rather than just Tizen. While sending out the Galaxy S5 with Tizen would help cut down on costs (every phone Samsung sells it sends a cut to Google for its Android OS; money spent on apps, games, movies and music from the Google Play online store also go to Google), it would make the most sense for Samsung to offer consumers the opportunity to choose—at least while Tizen is still new and features less apps, games and services that Android.

The company plans to use Tizen on all mobile phones and tablets in the future, according to co-CEO of Samsung, Boo-Keun Yoon.

The latest rumors about Samsung's flagship smartphone allege that the S5 could truly compete with its competitors as a premium quality smartphone camera.

More details about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5's camera specs are circulating, with rumors suggesting Samsung is currently developing a 16MP camera sensor with optical image stabilization, according to South Korea's Electronic News Times. The camera will reportedly be tried out by the end of 2013, which falls in line with previous rumors that the S5 will get a release date in Q1 of 2014. Another report from The Full Signal claims that the optical image stabilization was going to be featured in the Galaxy Note 3, but Samsung had to hold off because development was taking longer than expected.

TFS also claims that the Galaxy S5 specs include a multi-core Exynos CPU, 2 Gigs of RAM. a new, faster GPU, a 1080p display and Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie (though KitKat seems more likely based on the S5's Q1 2014 release date).

The Galaxy S5 is also being rumored to feature a 64-bit processing board like the iPhone 5S, according to The Korea Times.

Apple's new A7 chip makes the 5S the first iPhone to feature a 64-bit processor, meaning that there should also be an increase in the amount of apps written for a 64-bit performance, with gaming a focus as these apps take up a lot of processing power.

Samsung is reportedly working on making the S5 a legitimate competitor to the 5S (you should check out our comparison series on the 5S vs. S5, by the way) by ensuring that the Galaxy S5 will also feature 64-bit processor speed and power. While the Korea Times report did not specifically call the smartphone the S5, if this tech is on the way, its likely Samsung's mobile business chief Shin Jong-kyun was talking about the Galaxy S5 and future devices.

The 64-bit processor appears to be the first confirmed feature of the Galaxy S5, which has been rumored for a release in the U.S. within the next six months.

A new Galaxy S5 concept has also been revealed, via MobiLeaks.

In the three photos, which you can check out here, the S5 is designed with a flexible display and carbon-like back that allows a user to fold it in half. The S5 concept also shows a huge edge-to-edge screen and a tiny stand. Another feature appears to be a small screen on the back when you fold it half, allowing the user to use the folded smartphone as a media player.

A report from Product-Reviews on the concept explained why many consumers are not fond of the design.

"It should be noted that some people reacted to the design with distaste, although this is due to not wanting to see "a line down the middle of the phone screen". This assumption would be wrong thanks to flexible technology that is already possible and would be needed for this Samsung Galaxy S5 concept. Others are more practical with their thoughts on the folding idea. While it would be great to offer a phablet sized phone that fits in small pockets, some people think a folding phone is "just asking to be broken" and they would rather have something more solid."

The concept goes against the recent rumors that Samsung will release the S5 in a metal chassis, possibly bringing consumers an entirely metal body that many have been calling for.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Metal Design Rumors

According to a report by ET News, Samsung plans to use a metal chassis for the Galaxy S5, with production set to begin by the end of this year. This wouldn't be the first time a Samsung smartphone was rumored to feature a metal design, however, as previous rumors suggested the Galaxy S4 would (it didn't) and the Galaxy Note 3 also looks like it will end up releasing with a plastic back in place of metal.

With competitors Apple and HTC already shifted to metal designs, it would make sense for Samsung to release the S5 with a metal chassis. According to ET News, a sample has already been created in Europe and sent to Vietnam, where the chassis will be mass-produced. The report also mentions that Samsung is doing a lot of pre-production testing to make sure there won't be problems with radio interference. The article does not specifically call the smartphone an S5, but the early 2014 release date mentioned falls in line with Samsung's Galaxy S upgrade cycle.

It is unknown whether the smartphone will include a removable battery or a uni-body design, like the HTC One. While some smartphones with metal designs restrict users to a storage limit, it is possible that Samsung could deliver the S5 with the additional storage capacity consumers enjoy. The Galaxy Wave 3 features an airbrussed metal design that allows users to access a Micro SD card slot.

A 2014 release date means the S5 could launch at the first Samsung Mobile Unpacked event of 2014. There are also other rumored specs, including a flexible display, which Samsung showed at CES 2013.

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