iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 Comparison: Will 5S vs. S5 Release Dates Produce Similarly Epic Battle? [VIDEO]

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The iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 devices provided for a great matchup for smartphone users, but the next-generation flagship phones from these dueling tech giants could be even more memorable. The iPhone 5S releases today and with the Galaxy S4 no longer the hot new smartphone, rumors about Samsung's next Galaxy S smartphone, the S5, have been heating up. As you can check out via the links below, this comparison series takes a look at the rumored specs and news about the Galaxy S5 and matches them up with those of its opponent, the 5S. This edition will break down the release dates of each device and how the S5, and the performance of the iPhone 5S, could influence whether Apple decides to pit the 5S against the S5 until next September, or instead releases the iPhone 6 earlier than usual to challenge the Galaxy S5. A comparison of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 is also below.

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Galaxy S5 vs. iPhone 5S Release Dates

The iPhone 5S is officially available to consumers and with the improvements to the smartphone's camera, color options and improved speed there is good reason to believe that Samsung is cooking up some improvements with the next Galaxy S smartphone to try and reclaim consumers' attention. However, with the Galaxy S5 rumored for a release date within the next six months, Apple will be forced to make an interesting decision—pit the iPhone 5S (which will be a few months old) against the Galaxy S5 or release the rumored iPhone 6 ahead of their usual September debut schedule for new iPhones. 

The Galaxy S5 will all but likely feature a much improved exterior, with rumors pointing to a metal, unibody design. Renders of the Galaxy S5 have looked extremely sharp and with the 5S still behind the Galaxy line in screen size, Apple may be forced to bring out the iPhone 6 as a companion to the iPhone 5S to thwart the efforts of Samsung. The iPhone 6 will feature a bigger screen, with ranges rumored between 4.8-inches and even as high as 6-inches, according to the Wall Street Journal

While some reports suggest Apple may wait until next September to debut the iPhone 6, some analysts believe the 5S will not have a long shelf life as Apple's flagship phone. The iPhone 6 may not debut before the Galaxy S5, but I do believe there is a good chance the Cupertino-based company strays from their previous ways and bumps up the iPhone 6's release date to give Samsung a real run for their money.

Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5 Comparison

The Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5 battle has been one of the more memorable smartphone comparisons for smartphone users in recent years. Each device has its own fanatics and critics, and while the average smartphone user doesn't understand the complicated technolgy behind each device, they are adamant on which phone provides a better experience for them.

The iPhone 5 has been lauded for its smooth operating system right out of the box, but the Galaxy S4's advanced Android OS allows the user to personalize their experience. These are two of the most significant differences between these devices, which also shed a bit of light on the type of user that owns each smartphone.

However, one considerable factor consumers may want to consider when deciding between the smartphones is the cost it takes to build each model-which trickles down to your pockets during purchase.

Samsung's Galaxy S4 is all the rage these days, but its Apple competitor, the iPhone 5, may still have a leg up on its smartphone counterpart in at least one category: the iPhone is a cheaper model to make.

A estimate by HIS iSuppli suggests quite a difference in prices between the two mobile phones. This, of course, means Apple will have more profit and, as a result, more money available from the smartphone business for innovation, marketing, support and price competition.

According to the His iSuppli estimation, the Apple iPhone 5 with 16GB of storage costs $196 to manufacture (for the lowest-end model), including materials. The cost for the 32GB version is estimated at $217, while the 64GB version runs $238.

Samsung Galaxy S4 estimates to cost $244 for the 16GB model at the high-speed packet access version (a 4G mobile standard), with $236 going for materials and $8.50 for manufacturing. That means the S4 roughly $48 more per unit to make than the equivalent iPhone. The LTE version of the S4, with 16GB, is $3 cheaper.

"Although [the S4's] hardware is not radically different from the Galaxy S III introduced in April of 2012, the Samsung Galaxy S4 includes some critical component updates that enhance its functionality as well as its BOM cost," said Vincent Leung, senior analyst for cost benchmarking at IHS, in a statement. "Among the upgrades are a larger, full high-definition display; a beefed-up Samsung processor; and a wealth of new sensors that set a record high for the number of such devices in a smartphone design."

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