iPad 5, Mini 2 Release Date Rumors: Gold Render, Anti-Reflective Display [VIDEO]

  • Michael Briggs , Design & Trend Staff Writer
  • Sep, 16, 2013, 04:29 PM
REUTERS/Stephen Lam
REUTERS/Stephen Lam


Now that you've seen a gold iPhone, do you wonder what a gold iPad might look like?

A recent render design from Martin Hajek shows the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 with the Touch iD fingerprint sensor that Apple recently debuted on the iPhone 5S, along with a nice-looking gold design for the Mini 2. While no legitimate leaks have shown either iPad with the new fingerprint sensor, it would make sense for Apple to add the function to the new iPads. Though Apple has never released an iPad in a color other than black or white, the Mini 2 looks really sharp in gold.

A recent patent suggests that Apple could also be working on anti-reflective display on a future iPad, and though it hasn't been rumored for the next iPads so far, it would be a great addition. The US Patent and Trademark Office published the Apple patent application, entitled "UV Mask with Anti-Reflection Coating and UV Absorption Material," just a few days ago. 

Considering the iPad 4's issues with sunlight, the addition of a anti-reflective film layered onto the screen of the iPad 5 would certainly attend to consumers' needs. The UV Mask would be fitted during the manufacturing process and include both a UV absorption film and an anti-reflection film. The technology could also be used to enhance the outdoor use of Macbooks, iPhones and the rumored iWatch, as well.

Video Leaks iPad Mini 2's Back Plate (Photos Too)

Apple did not reveal any details on the upcoming iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 at its media event, but a new leaked video may shed some insight on the next-generation iPads, including the Mini 2's rumored retina display.

Unbox Therapy, which also recently released an image of the alleged iPad 5 shell, shows off what they claim are the Mini 2's back plate in the video. The Mini 2 appears to feature an aluminum finish, like the iPad Mini, but with a mirrored Apple logo, like the rumored iPad 5.

If the leaked images and videos that have been surfacing are true to Apple's plans, the iPad Mini 2 will feature the same dimensions as its predecessor. However, for the Mini 2 to include the retina display it's been rumored for, it would need to be on the inside. The Mini 2 could feature Apple's new A7X (the current Mini runs on the A5 chip) and will likely feature a camera upgrade (possibly the 5-megapixel sensor and 1080p video-recording of the iPad 4).

While analysts have indicated that Apple is preparing the new retina Mini before 2014 (more on that below), the back plate shown in the leaked video could also be for the low-cost version of the Mini that has also been rumored.

The leaked photos, which were made available by Sonny Dickson, show the fifth-generation iPad next to the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini 2 next to its predecessor. The new iPad 5 looks smaller due to thinner bezels, making it a thinner model than the iPad 4. The Mini 2 looks almost identical to the original Mini, with the only visible differences being the Apple logo on the back minus the iPad name and model information near the bottom. The photos also give a sneak peek into iOS 7 on the new iPads, which show that the icons are a bit more spread out.

iPad 5, Mini 2 releasing in Q4 of 2013?

Apple will release the iPad 5 and the iPad Mini 2 before the end of 2013, according to trusted Apple source and KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo.

Kuo's new research report claims that Apple will release the fifth-generation iPad and second-generation iPad Mini in Q4 of 2013, with both iPads powered by a new A7X chip.

"Since iPad Mini 2 will feature better resolution with retina display, we think its AP will have the same grade as iPad 5, the A7X," said Kuo.

Component shipments are expected to increase by the end of this quarter and reach their peak by Q4 for the iPad releases, according to Kuo. He also stated that Apple sped up the process to release the Mini 2 in 2013 to compete with the other small, high-resolution tablets hitting the market.

"The iPad mini 2 may be pulled in for launching in late 2013. Since other brand vendors are all expected to have a line-up of new high resolution 7-8" tablets to launch over the next 3-6 months, we think iPad mini 2 may lose its opportunity in the market if it is slated for introduction next year," stated Kuo.

The new, full-size Apple iPad could even go by a different name-the iPad 'Maxi.' The 5, or Maxi, is rumored to have a 12.9-inch diagonal screen, improved clarity, 10 hours of battery life, a reduced battery size, a lightweight display, A7X processor and both front and rear cameras.

The second-gen Mini is reported to feature a resolution of 2048 x 1536-four times the resolution of the current Mini and equal to the current iPad 4.

In addition to the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2, Kuo believes Apple will release another iPad Mini model in early 2014, with rumors suggesting the model will be low-cost and feature an A6 chip and a non-retina display.

Do you think that, if these leaks are real, Apple is readying the release of a non-retina Mini a Mini 2 with retina? Let us know with a comment.

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