Great White Shark Tracker: Two ‘Shy’ Sharks Tagged Near Cape Cod Coast [VIDEO]

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(Photo : Facebook / Shark Week) OCEARCH tagged two great white sharks off the coast of Cape Cod in the past month.

A team of Cape Cod shark trackers managed to capture and tag two great white sharks during a month-long expedition that ended Friday.

Chris Ficher, founding chairman of the research organization, acknowledged that OCEARCH captured and released far fewer white sharks than the 10-20 shark goal. The lack of tagging can be attributed somewhat to the "shyness" of white sharks around fishing bait in New England.

According to the Providence Journal, this may suggest that the sharks of this region are wilder than other white sharks that were captured and tagged in other habitats. 

"They are so nervous and so picky," Fischer said, adding that OCEARCH's guidelines called for hooking sharks only in the side of the mouth, which made it more difficult to hoist the shark without killing it. 

OCEARCH captured and released "Betsey," a 1,400-pound female nearly 14 feet in length.Three days later, Betsey surfaced enough for the satellite technology to communicate that she was still off the coast of Cape Cod, further out, but within 40 miles of whether she was tagged. 

The team also tagged Katharine, a 2,300-pound shark, named after Katharine Leee Bates, the Cape Cod poet who wrote "America the Beautiful." 

In order to further understand the mysteries of great whites, nonprofit shark research group OCEARCH leads an ongoing mission off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts to tag as many as 20 enormous sharks. The project, in collaboration with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, seeks to better understand sharks, and inform the public about the importance of sharks. 

Watch a video on the ongoing research project here.



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