Google Glass Price, Release Date, Video, Review: App Store To Debut in 2014?

Google Glass
(Photo : REUTERS/Carlo Allegri ) Google founder Sergey Brin (L) adjusts a pair of Project Glass glasses on designer Diane von Furstenberg before the rehearsal for von Furstenberg's Spring/Summer 2013 collection show during New York Fashion Week September 9, 2012. The show was used as a launching event for Google's "Project Glass by Google".

A Google Glass-optimized application marketplace is set to debut sometime in 2014, The New York Times reports.

A Google rep confirmed the news with Marketing Land earlier today. The store, labeled "Boutique," will feature applications for purchase that are compatible with Google's newest technology.

New York Times' writer Clive Thompson notes that the Glass app store will debut next year, in 2014.

"Will the Glass app store stand on its own, or be integrated into Google Play? What will the process to get apps listed in the store be like? These are among the many questions that have yet to be answered," Mashable columnist Sam Laird writes.

Developers have already began making applications for Google's new technology. For example, news-streaming app, Zite, has already launched for developers. According to PC Mag, the application will allow Google Glass users to scroll through the top 10 stories on their personalized site, and stay up-to-date on the news each wearer deems important.

Smart notifications will be directly delivered within Glass, offering real-time reports on breaking news. Glass Explorers (those lucky developers who already have Google Glass) are encouraged to install newly released applications.

Meanwhile, "Field Trip," a new app for Google Glass, will serve as an automated tour guide. The ninth app approved by Google for use on Glass during an experimental phase. Once given permission, "Field Trip" tracks a user's whereabouts so it can automatically deliver alerts and informational snapshots about nearby historical landmarks, tourist attractions, restaurants, and more. Descriptions of places will be pulled from the Internet.

As previously reported, the Google Glass device fits around the nose and ears similar to glasses, but features a small lens on the side. The glasses allow users to see, photograph, and record and share without using a smartphone.

The Glass will list options in front of the user's eyes, including "record a video," "get directions to," "send a message to," "make a call to," or "hang out with." All commands are obeyed via voice-recognition technology.

The Glass is expected to go on sale in 2014 for around $200-$500 for consumers. However, Google has not announced a specific price point. Glass Explorers who have already had a chance to purchase the Glass spent a little over $1000.

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