BTS Too Busy To Date? Members Dish On Girlfriends, Dorm Life And Close Friendship

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  • May, 17, 2016, 10:20 AM
(Photo : Getty Images/PHILIPPE LOPEZ) BTS opened up about their love lives and goals for the future in a new interview.

BTS is at an age where the members should be enjoying their youth and going on dates, but according to Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook, they are far too busy perfecting their skills and chasing after their dream to dabble in romance.

In a recent interview with Sports Chosun, the Bangtan Boys dished on a variety of subjects, including their love lives (or in this case, lack thereof), their dorm life and their plans for the future.

And while BTS is one of the rare groups in K-pop who have never had any form of dating ban imposed on them, the septet confessed that practice and music production ate up far too much of their time for them to have actually taken advantage of this freedom.

"We can't sleep, what dating are we talking about," lamented J-Hope (as translated by @bangtanitl) when the members about possibly dating as trainees and then idols.

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BTS's leader Rap Monster explained that the group members usually spend all their time practicing their intense choreography, composing or producing songs and attending other schedules.

"When we are spotted out in the public, 9/10 times it's usually a restaurant," he said, via @bangtanitl. "We can only live a busy lifestyle during comeback preparations. We really need time make our songs and perfect our choreography. While preparing for this album, we had a mindset that was no different from preparing for our debut. Currently, V is filming for KB2S' new drama, 'Hwarang: The Beginning,' but besides that we don't have any personal schedules so we all go together to practice or to the recording studio."

BTS also touched on the topic of their life in the dorms. The seven boys have been living together for four years, with Suga, Rap Monster and J-Hope being dorm mates for seven years now.

When asked if they have ever felt bored of their living conditions, BTS answered candidly that they chose to live together and do not regret this decision at all.

"It was our own decision to live together," said Jin, via @bangtanitl. "When there are small fights or arguments in the team, the next morning we'll see each other, and you can't help but smile. We aren't uncomfortable or have any complaints so we decided to keep living in the dorm. At the end of the day when we return to the dorm with the other members, it gives me strength, I don't feel lonely."

There are many advantages to living together, including forming close friendships with their fellow members and strengthening the group's teamwork and unity.

"We know what we need from each other and are all really close. It's also much more fun when we're all together. The reason we have to stick together is because we know and fill in each other's weaknesses. We also know that teamwork is the only way we can go higher. I think that's the key that brought us to where we are today. You can tell if you don't live together," Jimin explained, via @bangtanitl.

"In the company, they told us why we we're always in teams as trainees. That's why we always wanted to set the same goal for ourselves as the company did. The company always tells as what we need and what we lack so we'd always listen and try to understand," he continued.

The BTS vocalist added that he hopes the members will remain close for the rest of their lives, a sentiment shared by the six other young men.

"Eventually, I want us to be a team that always produces and performs well without any disappointments. I want to be a group that people in the future will fondly look back on and still watch our performances. I want us to stay together for the rest of our lives," said Jimin.

He added, "For maybe about our 25th anniversary, I also want to guest on 'Infinite Challenge's' 'Saturday Saturday is for singers.' Our sons will be mini Bangtan and I kind of want a second generation of Bangtan. Above all, our members believe that without our fans, we can't and won't be able to make music. The fans are what caused us to be here. BTS exists because of each member and all the fans supporting us."

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