'Kingdom Hearts III': 5 Worlds That Are Truly Confirmed For The PS4 And Xbox One Game

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(Photo : Square Enix/Disney/Facebook) "Kingdom Hearts III" world rumors are everywhere, but the reality is that only five locations have been confirmed for the game at this time. This list recaps every known place that Sora and friends will absolutely visit on their PS4 and Xbox One adventure!

"Kingdom Hearts III" world rumors have been off the charts lately, so we thought it was time to calm the storm. As far as we know, only five locales have truly been confirmed for the PS4 and Xbox One game. Let's recap each known area that Square Enix has formally revealed!

1) Twilight Town

Twilight Town was in some ways the first world revealed for "Kingdom Hearts III," and it can be traced back to a gameplay demo that debuted at D23 Japan in 2013. The map isn't an exact copy of its past-gen counterparts, but the brown, bricked aesthetic is unmistakable. Possibly the most obvious giveaway is a visibly patched hole in one of the walls. In "Kingdom Hearts II," that hole leads players to the woods and a Haunted Mansion that sparks the bulk of the story.

While it's true that this footage was intended to be more of a tech demo than a reveal, a "Kingdom Hearts" game without Twilight Town doesn't seem likely. It's been a regular hub world for the past decade and will assumingly reprise that role in the third game.

2) Mt. Olympus ("Hercules")

The next "Kingdom Hearts" world was Mt. Olympus, and it was a major area of focus in the "Kingdom Hearts III" E3 trailer from last year. The clouds in the area really cue us in to its bright and ethereal atmosphere. Towards the end of the gameplay, Sora encounters a large Titan boss that's befitting of the setting.

Hercules and friends have been a mainstay for "Kingdom Hearts" since the series began. It will be interesting to see if Square Enix extends that arc's importance beyond battling waves of enemies to make Sora stronger.

3) Kingdom Of Corona ("Tangled")

Also unveiled at E3 was a Kingdom Of Corona world featuring characters and stories from Disney's "Tangled." Admittedly it was somewhat hard to differentiate between it and Mt. Olympus, but the emphasis in this case is on green hues and lots of plant life. In fact, new forms of heartless spread their buds to attack Sora on his quest.

When asked how "Tangled" will contribute to "Kingdom Hearts III," producer Ron Conli mentioned how the movie's theme of finding oneself meshes well with the game franchise. When all is said and done, he hopes that it will be an "amazing journey" for the player.

4) San Fransokyo ("Big Hero 6")

D23 U.S. was the site of the next proper world reveal, and it happened to be San Fransokyo from "Big Hero 6." Unfortunately no footage has been shown yet, but sources at Disney promised that teams in the U.S. and Japan are collaborating to make a finished design that's worthy of the two great cities sandwiched in the name.

We also know that its PS4 and Xbox One version will take place sometime after the events of the film. Having saved the day once before, Hiro and Baymax will unite again to tackle a new threat. As for themes, the battle between light and darkness promises to be crucial.

5) Mysterious Tower

While not exactly a momentous reveal, the Mysterious Tower world that debuted in "Kingdom Hearts II" will also play some role in its direct successor. That much can be assured through a trailer shared privately during a D23 Japan special event. In the very short clip, Sora uses an Astro Blaster attraction flow ability to take down waves of heartless. This nod to Buzz Lightyear might tie in to a "Toy Story" world later on, but that's just speculation for now.

(Photo : Square Enix/Disney/Facebook)

What we can confirm, however, is that the area that Sora is blasting in definitely has Yen Sid's iconic tower looming in the background. How might the master sorcerer help the protagonists this time?

"Kingdom Hearts III" is in development for PS4 and Xbox One.

Which of these confirmed worlds are you most excited to play? Which would you like to see added to "Kingdom Hearts III" in the future? Tell us in the poll and comments section!

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