Great White Shark Tracker: Two Sharks Spotted in Manhattan Beach, El Porto Closes [UPDATE]

3D Sharkskin Created By Harvard Researchers
(Photo : Facebook / Shark Week ) The skin increases swimming speeds by reducing drag.

Two great white sharks were spotted offshore in Manhattan Beach on Tuesday. 

County lifeguard Captain Kyle Daniels said lifeguards assigned to the city said they also saw what they believed to be two great white sharks. "Actually we've had several shark sightings over the last few weeks, since mid-July really," Daniels told the Press Telegram, adding that the sharks didn't appear to be an immediate threat to swimmers. 

Taggers scanned the sea in pursuit of the two sharks in a helicopter and boat owned by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Both sharks were estimated to be about 4-7 feet long, although whites can grow to about 20 feet in length. 

El Porto beach in Manhattan beach was briefly closed on July 9th as well, when another great white shark was spotted in the area. 

Further north, a great white shark was spotted near the coast of Stinson Beach, which was closed for five days following its discovery. 

The West coast has not been the only great white shark target this summer. Along the East coast, great whites have been stalking close and closer to the shoreline for prey.

In order to further understand the mysteries of great whites, nonprofit shark research group OCEARCH is leading a mission off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts to tag as many as 20 enormous sharks. The project, in collaboration with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, seeks to better understand sharks, and inform the public about the importance of sharks.



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