PlayStation 4K Codenamed 'Neo' By Sony, Will Have Faster CPU And GPU

PlayStation 4
(Photo : YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images) The upgraded PlayStation 4 will still allow gamers to play regular PS4 games, but games will have a new Neo mode.

Sources have uncovered new information about the much rumored upgraded version of Sony's PlayStation 4.

The upgraded version of the console, which has been called the PlayStation 4.5 or the PlayStation 4K, has been given the codename Neo, according to Giant Bomb's sources.

The sources claimed that the Neo will have a higher clock speed of 2.1 GHz with the same 8 Jaguar Core processors.

Graphics performance is also improved for the Neo, allowing games to be outputted in 4K resolution. 

It appears that Sony and AMD will be using the new Polaris technology for the Neo's GPU, according to Eurogamer.

The new version of the PS4's GPU has a compute unit of 36 with a clock speed of 911MHz.


(Photo : Giant Bomb)


Geek Bomb also noted in its report that games don't have to have 4K resolution in order to work on the Neo.

This means that there will be no Neo-exclusive games, and regular PlayStation 4 games will be able to run on the upgraded console with no problem.

However, Sony will be requiring game publishers and developers to have all of their PS4 titles to ship with what is referred to as Neo Mode starting in October.

A game that has Neo mode will be able to take advantage of the hardware upgrades and boost the frame rates of games, as explained by The Verge.

Games that have Neo mode will also have the regular mode, which allows it to run on the older version of the PS4.

Developers will also be given the freedom to put Neo mode on regular PS4 games by providing users with patch updates.

Sony is also said to be committed to making sure that Neo and regular PS4 users are connected, that's why both will share the same online experience.

Users of either version of the console will use the same PSN Store and online community and will mainly have the same overall user experience.

Sony will not be allowing game developers to offer DLCs, unlockables and extra game options that are exclusive to Neo owners.

In terms of memory, it seems that the Neo will still have the same 8GB of GDDR5 memory, but it gets a 24 percent boost to bandwidth with the 7.0gbps modules.

Though PS4 games that will start shipping October are required to have the Neo mode, this doesn't mean that the new console will be released around the same time.

Pricing for the new version of the PS4 has not yet been confirmed yet, but it's speculated to cost $399, the same price of the original PS4 when it first launched.

For now, Sony has remained quiet about the Neo, neither confirming nor denying the existence of the new version of the PS4.

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