Samsung Nexus 11: Late 2013 Release Date with Android 5.0; 3 More Tablets Coming?

  • Michael Briggs , Design & Trend Staff Writer
  • Aug, 27, 2013, 03:58 PM
(Photo: REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach)
(Photo: REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach)


The Samsung Nexus 11 has been rumored for a release date later this year, but could it also possibly include Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie? Android 5.0 has been rumored to be releasing at the end of year, and considering the fact that the Nexus 10 was one of the first devices to run Android 4.2, it is highly possible that Samsung would like to do the same with Nexus 11 and Key Lime Pie.

Samsung has not confirmed the existence of a new Nexus tablet yet and any information about Android 5.0 is purely speculation for now. While Google is certainly preparing for next-gen Android devices, the company has only just started rolling out Android 4.3 to select devices, so its possible the arrival of Android 5.0 may be a little farther off than rumored.

An unconfirmed report from Sam Mobile also indicates that Samsung will be releasing no fewer than four tablets this year, with the new Nexus device being one of the possible releases. 

According to the report on SamMobile, the Nexus 10 successor will feature an 11-inch Super PLS TFT display, an 8-megapixel rear camera, a 2-megapixel front-facing camera, and microSD expansion. The article also claims the device will be the first tablet to feature Samsung's octa-core processor. The version of Android running the Nexus 11 is still unknown.

Below are the specs for the four alleged tablets, as listed on SamMobile.

Samsung Galaxy Tab DUOS 7.0
- 7.0" PLS LCD 600 x 1024
- 3 Megapixel (back)
- 2 Megapixel (front)
- Dual-core
- Micro SD 32 GB

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0
- 8.0" AMOLED 1080p
- 5 Megapixel
- 2 Megapixel
- Quad-core A9 (Exynos 4412)
- Micro SD 64 GB
* Samsung need to solve AMOLED burning problem first.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 11
- 11" Super PLS TFT
- 8 Megapixel
- 2 Megapixel
- Dual-Core A15 (Exynos 5250)
- Micro SD 64 GB

- 11" Super PLS TFT
- 8 Megapixel
- 2 Megapixel
- Octa-Core A15 / A7 (Exynos 5410)
- Micro SD 64 GB (Rumoured)
* Needs to get approvement from Google (Worlds first Octa-Core tablet)

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