'Super Mario Maker' And 'Splatoon' Are 2 Wii U Games Bound For Nintendo NX [RUMOR]

"Super Mario Maker"
(Photo : Nintendo/Facebook) "Super Mario Maker" and "Splatoon" are two Wii U titles being ported to the Nintendo NX. Concerns over how courses and gear will transfer between consoles may stifle the release of both titles. Nintendo has pledged to reveal more about the NX later this year.

"Super Mario Maker" and "Splatoon" have allegedly been confirmed as two of the four Wii U ports in development for the Nintendo NX. While still a rumor, it comes from a trusted source.

The speculation arrives at Design & Trend via recent tweets from Nintendo enthusiast Emily Rogers. After citing that four Wii U game ports were in development for NX, it appears she's shed some light on precisely which titles they are.

(Photo : Emily Rogers/Twitter)

New to the list are "Splatoon" and "Super Mario Maker." The latter of which Rogers says is "totally in development for NX," but she's unsure if a finished product will actually be released. A nod to "Splatoon" came when one fan mentioned the potential difficulty of migrating Wii U "Mario Maker" courses over to the new console. "That's also the stumbling block with the 'Splatoon' port," she said. This suggests that there are concerns about how assets will transfer between systems.

This update seemingly reveals the unknown half of the four Wii U game ports currently in the works. As for the other two, there are strong indications that "The Legend Of Zelda" and "Super Smash Bros." are getting the NX treatment too. When considering the Wii U's catalog, those are certainly four of the most likely options. In fact, when the original speculation arrived, we assumed that all four names were involved.

While far from confirmed, some Nintendo insiders have suggested that the American development team at Monster Games might be working on at least one of the unfinished NX projects. Most recently, the studio ported "Xenoblade Chronicles" to the New 3DS. They're also known for making the Wii's "Excite" series.

It's important to reiterate that all of the above information amounts to rumors at this time. Rogers has a proven track record for Nintendo news, but this is far from a guarantee that every one of her claims will come true. Even if her sources are accurate, a development snag could always keep one or all of these projects from seeing a final retail release.

"Super Mario Maker" and "Splatoon" are both available now as Wii U exclusives. Nintendo intends to discuss more about the NX, and its lineup, later this year.

Do you think "Splatoon" and "Super Mario Maker" will release on NX? Tell us in the poll and comments section!

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