Uber Car Service Buys 2,500 ‘Google GX3200’ Driverless Vehicles [VIDEO]

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Driverless Car
(Photo : REUTERS/Kevin Bartram ) A monitor in the back seat displays sensor readings and other information in a driverless car at the Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Laboratory at Stanford University in Stanford, California April 15, 2010.

Local transportation service, Uber, announced that it will be purchasing 2,500 driverless cars from Google.

According to Tech Crunch, the two companies have agreed on a deal in which Uber will share data from its local transportation service with Google, which will be used to improve its own autonomous car-routing algorithms.

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Uber has reportedly committed to invest up to $375 million for a fleet of Google's GX3200 vehicles.

Google's autonomous vehicles are the first to be approved for commercial use in the United States. The GX3200 was shown off earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show. As depicted in the video below, the car comfortable seats four, with additional room for up to three suitcases in storage. Each car essentially acts as its own wireless base station, so passengers can connect to the Internet through Google's WirelessGig service.

The GX3200 can get up to 750 miles of travel on a single charge, or approximately 48 hours on standby mode. It's designed to find and dock in a "Google PowerUp" station when not in use.

The car is not meant solely for personal use; Google intends to sell their vehicles to local transportation providers, such as Uber, in commercial cities such as New York and Chicago.

Watch the video below on Google's driverless car.


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