Microsoft ‘Surface 2,’ ‘Pro 2’ Rumors, Release Date: Tablet To Feature Fingerprint Sensors? [UPDATE]

Microsoft Surface
(Photo : REUTERS/Bobby Yip )

Fingerprint sensing technology may be expected with the next-generation Microsoft tablets, the Surface 2 and Pro 2.

"When the user picks up their device in a specific manner, their analyzed and verified fingerprints will be able to instantly unlock their device without any other security measure required," Patent Bolt reports.

Fingerprint sensors would allow the controlling of playing games, ebook reading, and other features. Apple has been reportedly been working on the same technology for the new iPhne 5S, iPhone 6. 

Microsoft has not officially revealed the release date for the Surface 2, but reports involving the recent price cuts are hinting that a new model will be released soon. Experts predict that stars will align for the "Surface 2," "Pro 2," and Windows 8.1 release.

KPopStarz reports that the Surface 2 will feature Intel's new Haswell processors, and have a 7-inch edition to compete with Google Nexus and Apple's iPad Mini. The Surface 2 may be dubbed the "Surface Plus," and may be available before Christmas.

A member of the Surface Development Team said that the Display Port on Surface Pro can drive an external monitor with resolutions up to 2560 x 1600p. 



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