iPhone 5S, Features, Specs, Release Date, Rumors: Convex Home Button and Fingerprint Sensor? [UPDATE]

(Photo : Facebook / Apple) Apple's iPhone 5S will look similarly to the iPhone 5, but will feature a boost in specifications with a few feature changes.

Apple's new iPhone may include a convex home button that will act as a fingerprint sensor, according to an analyst report.

Venture Beat reports that the new phone, dubbed the iPhone 5S, will carry Apple's updated iOS 7 software, which was announced in June. A report also recently emerged that Apple will release the new phone on September 10th.

KGI analyst Ming-Chi Ku said Apple is likely to make room for the fingerprint sensor by making the home button curve outward in a convex instead of inward in a concave. The button has been concave since it's initial debut in 2007. 

Fingerprint sensors have not been widely used before in smarphones because they have not worked reliably. For example, Motorola released one in its Atrix 4G phone in 2011, but many people reported that the sensor failed to recognize their fingerprint. Apple had previously delayed production of its iPhone 5S because it had failed to find a coating mateial that did not interfere with the fingerprint sensor. 

The outward curve would allegedly prevent Apple from losing its valuable internal space, as it packs more features into the phone. The protruding sensor will be protected from scratches from sapphire glass, a hard material. 

As previously reported, the iPhone 5S may be powered by a quad-core processor, which is faster than the previous iPhone. Rumors also surfaced on Friday that the new device may feature dual flash capabilities for its camera.



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