'Legends Of Tomorrow' Spoilers: Sandman, Hourman And Red Tornado To Appear On The Series?

DC's Legends of Tomorrow characters
(Photo : Facebook/DC's Legends of Tomorrow) DC Comics has teased potential appearances of Sandman, Hourman and Red Tornado on The CW's "Legends of Tomorrow."

Are DC Comics characters Sandman, Hourman and Red Tornado appearing on "DC's Legends of Tomorrow?

Earlier this week, DC Comics posted three teaser photos for The CW's time-travel series on their Instagram account, inviting fans to screenshot the snapshots and apply filter to them to reveal the hidden names and images of the characters who could be appearing on the show later in the season.

The first image shows a large helmet made from a metal cooking pot and a silhouette of a woman in the background:

A photo posted by DC Comics (@dccomics) on


When a filter is applied to the photo, this is the name and the image that appear:

The hidden character is Ma Hunkel, a.k.a. Abigail Hunkel , a female Golden Age superhero known as the original Red Tornado. She is a working-class mother turned crime-fighting hero with a make-shift costume. The pot she wears over her head helps conceal her identity and make most criminals think she's a man. Created by Sheldon Mayer, the character was introduced in All-American Comics #3 in 1939 and has since been an honorary member of the Justice Society.

Deborah Cole played a live-action version of her character in season 9, episode 11 of "Smallville."

The second teaser image features an hourglass:

A photo posted by DC Comics (@dccomics) on


This is the name and the character that appear in the picture when filter is applied:

Hourman is the legacy of a masked vigilante who gets superpowers for exactly one hour by using a drug named Miraclo. Rex Tyler is the original version of the character. He is a scientist who created the chemical and fought crime during the Golden Age. Rex's son, Tyler, is the second Hourman.

Matthew Tyler, a super-intelligent android created in the 853rd Century who traveled back into the modern era, is the third character to take on the mantle of Hourman. He held the position for several years. The image of the character in the Instagram post closely resembles Matthew's version of Hourman.

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The third and final teaser image shows a gas mask:

A photo posted by DC Comics (@dccomics) on


When filter is applied to the image, this is what appears:

Sandman is the legacy name of different characters in the DC Comics. Wesley Dodds is the original Sandman. He is a Golden Age vigilante who wore a gas-mask and used a gun that put people to sleep. He was a member of the Justice Society and All-Star Squadron, and was later succeeded by his side-kick Sandy. At some point , the character Garrett Sanford also used the alias.

According to Comic Book Resources, Ma Hunkel's metal helmet and Hourman's hourglass can be seen on Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill)'s Waverider ship on "Legends of Tomorrow." However, it's unknown at this point whether the two characters, along with Sandman, will ever appear on the show.

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"Legends of Tomorrow" next episode, episode 3, titled "Blood Ties," airs on Thursday, Feb. 4, at 8 p.m. on The CW. Check out the synopsis and trailer for the episode below:

"Rip tries to weaken Vandal Savage [Casper Crump] by going after his financial assets. Rip and Sara [Lance] infiltrate Savage's bank but are discovered by his men. Meanwhile, Snart [Wentworth Miller] and Rory [Dominic Purcell] talk Jax [Franz Drameh] into taking the jump ship back to Central City so they can steal a valuable emerald; and Professor Stein [Victor Garber] guides Ray [Brandon Routh] on a dangerous mission."

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