'No Man's Sky': 5 Reasons Why The PS4 Game May Release As A PlayStation VR Launch Title

"No Man's Sky"
(Photo : Hello Games) "No Man's Sky" hasn't been officially linked to the launch of Sony's PlayStation VR headset yet, but we think it will be. Here's why Hello Games' space exploration adventure is suited for VR. "No Man's Sky" and PlayStation VR are expected to release this spring.

"No Man's Sky's" PS4 console exclusive release was recently delayed until June, which has analysts speculating that the title might be Sony's launch killer app for PlayStation VR. Here are five reasons to agree with the rumor.

1) The Sudden Delay

When "No Man's Sky" wowed the crowd at E3 last June, there was plenty of anecdotal evidence that the game was nearing its release date. The project's lead programmer told outlets that an arrival announcement was "nearly here" and that the original intention was to reveal those details at the convention. To top things off, Murray made a round of press appearances in early October that seemed to solidify the possibility of a 2015 launch.

With the stars so curiously aligned, what would make a polished game suddenly fall victim to a year-long delay? Development difficulties are possible, but implementation of PlayStation VR features seems more appropriate.

2) The Spring Release Of PlayStation VR

The previous thought is exceptionally true given that Sony reportedly intends to launch its PlayStation VR platform in the spring of this year. That means the product is expected to be on store shelves sometime between March 20 and June 19. Considering the headset's exact release date and price are still unknown, it seems reasonable to anticipate a sale date closer to the end of that window.

"No Man's Sky" is confirmed for a June arrival, and, coincidentally, or not, PlayStation VR seems on track to come out then too. What a perfect situation for a game that could be a pack-in or selling point for Sony's latest hardware!

3) The Official Allusions To The Rumor

Sony and "No Man's Sky's" developers at Hello Games have yet to formally link the project to PlayStation VR, but both sides of the equation seem equally playful about the idea. Back in July, Murray teased that "I don't know what I'm allowed to say" when it comes to his game becoming a virtual reality experience. Similarly, Sony's Jim Ryan quipped that those sorts of features are "an interesting assumption" for fans to consider.

(Photo : Hello Games)

The tone of both statements seems to openly tease a connection between this title and the upcoming headset. If the idea was wildly out of place, officials would have likely issued the "decline to comment on rumors and speculation" mainstay by now.

4) PlayStation VR Needs A Killer App

While some would argue that killer apps for new hardware are something of a dying breed, for a totally new experience like VR, they're an imperative. Consumers need an example that's strong enough to knock their socks off and make them believe in a device that's likely to cost hundreds of dollars.

From what we've seen so far, PlayStation VR doesn't really have a must-play demo yet. Journalists have had plenty of discussions about "The Kitchen," "Rigs" and "Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood," but none of those truly make PlayStation VR something that a casual gamer needs. Enter "No Man's Sky." It's a hot topic amongst the Sony faithful and is a routine recipient of most anticipated game awards. With limitless hype behind it, PlayStation VR could stand to benefit greatly from the association.

5) Its Gameplay Just Fits

As an exploration-based first-person game, "No Man's Sky" embodies just about everything that makes for a perfect VR experience. After all, the point of the title is to become immersed in a living universe of over 18 quintillion planets. The vastness of that premise makes "No Man's Sky" feel more real than most PS4 experiences on the market.

Paring that allure with VR would turn an otherwise great concept into something incredible. Oculus Rift has proven as much with its impressive "EVE: Valkyrie" pack-in demo. Space exploration lends itself to VR because it takes players far away from the world they currently inhabit. To answer "EVE," PlayStation's best competitor is "No Man's Sky."

"No Man's Sky" is scheduled to release in June, while PlayStation VR is projected to launch in the spring.

Do you think "No Man's Sky" will launch alongside PlayStation VR? Tell us in the poll and comments section!

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