'Clash Of Clans' Update: Supercell Reacts To Town Hall 11 Loot Backlash With Boost Compromise

"Clash Of Clans" Resource Boost
(Photo : Supercell/Twitter) "Clash Of Clans'" developers at Supercell have responded to players' Town Hall 11 loot concerns. While the studio admits that sacrificing town halls is out of the question, a resource boost is in effect. "Clash Of Clans" is available now on iOS and Android devices.

"Clash Of Clans'" developers at Supercell have finally responded to the intense fan backlash over last month's Town Hall 11 update. Here's what the studio plans to do, and not do, to remedy loot farming, personal breaks and more.

The news comes to Design & Trend via the "Clash Of Clans" community forums. The current roadmap is something of a compromise.

As discussed in our previous article, many Clash devotees have had difficulty farming loot since the update was released. Because town halls can no longer be sacrificed outside of a base to quickly obtain a shield, it takes a lot longer for high-level players to accrue retaliation resources. Rest assured, however, that addressing this problem is Supercell's "highest priority right now."

It's not mentioned how a fix will be implemented, but we can confirm that it won't involve leaving town halls undefended. The current inside system is "here to stay" because "Clash Of Clans" was never intended to be played in a way that promotes town halls as an easy target to foster resource collection.

For now, Supercell is curbing the frustration by enabling a one-gem resource boost until further notice. That essentially means it's possible to get more loot from gold mines, elixir pumps and dark elixir drills for just one extra gem. This won't heal the current woes entirely, but it should stem the bleeding a bit.

As for other controversial changes like personal breaks, shields and village guard, it looks like those systems will largely stay in place as they exist today. Personal breaks were an exceptionally hot topic in the Town Hall 11 update's earliest days, but Supercell quickly balanced them by adjusting their timer and making it easier for users to see the remaining time before a break is necessary.

In sum, many of "Clash Of Clans'" hated revisions will be changed, but others will stay the same. Above all, the community seems relatively pleased that the developer's silence has finally broken.

What do you think of Supercell's response to the Town Hall 11 loot conundrum? Is it enough to get you back into "Clash Of Clans?" Let us know in the poll and comments section!

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