'Star Wars Battlefront': Space Combat, More Heroes Hinted In Survey, EA Ignoring Single-Player

"Star Wars Battlefront" Darth Vader
(Photo : EA/DICE/Flickr) "Star Wars Battlefront" may be getting true space combat and more heroes according to a recent survey. Single-player demand, however, is seemingly being ignored by the game's developer. "Star Wars Battlefront" is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

"Star Wars Battlefront" was dismissed by some for shirking critical features, but a recent survey hinted that user requests are being considered for the future. The questionnaire mentioned space combat and more heroes. Single-player modes, however, remain largely ignored by EA.

The news comes to Design & Trend via a recent Reddit thread concerning the survey. This evidence is buttressed by official tweets from EA.

When "Star Wars Battlefront" previews first started taking shape, fans bemoaned the game's lack of true space combat and a single-player campaign. At the very least, it appears the former of those two is being pondered for the current or next installment.

While we aren't in possession of a copy of the form, one section reportedly asked responders to rank different types of combat with regard to their importance to "Star Wars Battlefront." Curiously, one of the options read "ground to space vehicle combat." This is something that was possible in previous Battlefront games but was absent from 2015's title.

Another heavily discussed question was one that mentioned the possibility of prequel trilogy "Star Wars" icons, like Anakin Skywalker, facing off alongside classic heroes like Han Solo. This cross of generations would obviously make "Star Wars Battlefront" even more non-canon to the established film timeline than it already is, so it appears EA wanted to gauge fan response before it begins development along those lines.

According to sources, the survey was handed out in extremely limited quantities and was quite dense. Some posts mentioned taking an hour or more to reach the final question.

Yet, despite its length, the intense demand for a Battlefront single-player campaign was largely ignored. For the studio's response on that topic, one need look no further than an official tweet from yesterday. It reads "'Star Wars Battlefront' is a multiplayer game, and our focus is to allow fans to create their own epic 'Star Wars' battles." When pressed further about if this philosophy meant no offline content was coming, the account did not reply.

As for what these developments reveal about the future of "Star Wars Battlefront," that's impossible to know. After all, a survey name drop doesn't directly correlate to actual development. At the very least, it's reasonable to think that EA might be conducting research on how to proceed with a Battlefront sequel. Offering true space combat and more heroes would be a solid place to start.

"Star Wars Battlefront" is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Would you like true space combat and original trilogy heroes in this or a future Battlefront? Let us know in the poll and comments section!

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