Great White Shark Tracker: Cape Cod Scientists To ‘Hoist’ Sharks Aboard, Tag For Research [VIDEO]

(Photo : REUTERS) A 3.5 metre Great White Shark plunges beneath a diving cage off Gansbaai about 200 kilometres east of Cape Town. American scientists plan to tag and release Great White sharks to learn more about their nature in Atlantic waters.

A team of researchers embarked on a monthlong expedition to capture and tag up to 20 great white sharks to conduct the largest study of sharks in the US history.

According to the Boston Globe, scientists from the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution hope to collect new data on the sherks' feeding, breeding, and migration patterns. 

The scientists set out in Cape Cod, where shark populations have exploded in the past 10 years as the seal population has grown. Not much is known about the great white population in the Atlantic, compared with shark populations in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. 

"We are playing catch-up, and this is a huge part of that," said Dr. Greg Skomal, senior scientist with the Division of Marine Fisheries working on the expedition. "I see this as a golden opportunity to build on the foundation that we have created over the last four summers."

The researchers plan to rouse the sharks in the water, hoist them aboard their 126-foot ship and tag them. The tags will record the sharks' location when they approach the surface, as well as the water depth and temperature.

The data will most likely shed more light on where Atlantic sharks mate, travel, and eat. Click here to see a video on the upcoming research.



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