Chromecast Impressions, New Details: Hands-On With Google's TV Dongle [VIDEO]

(Photo : Google) Chromecast is fundamentally different from services like Apple TV or TiVo.

New details have surfaced about Chromecast after it was launched yesterday.

Early reviews of Google's TV dongle are pending but hands-on impressions of the device have begun to surface.

Wired reports that Chromecast is "fundamentally different" from services like Apple TV or TiVo. There is no video functionality built into the device.

Rather, users can plug the two-inch dongle into the HDMI port on their HDTV and instantly beam games, video and other content from your Android phone, tablet or Chromebook laptop straight to the TV.

At least in theory. Only smartphone apps that have built-in support for Chromecast can be used in tandem with the device. For now that includes just three apps: Netflix, YouTube and Google Play.

But app developers are expected to adopt the functionality at a rapid pace.

And since Chromecast's streaming capabilities rely on Wi-Fi, it needs a robust Wi-Fi signal and a good connection to work properly, according to Wired. But if you have the necessary equipment, setup is reportedly a breeze, taking as little as three minutes.

And users of iOS devices will be momentarily disappointed. The Chromecast setup page currently says iOS support is "coming soon," despite a promise of support from Google.

You can order Chromecast right now on Google's Play Store for a bargain $35. The device was announced yesterday at a press event in San Francisco, ZDNet reports.

A developer preview of the Chromecast SDK also launched yesterday for Android, iOS and Chrome apps.

The device itself is also available for purchase from Amazon and Best Buy in addition to Google's Play Store, Ars Technica reports.

Chromecast will also sync with music apps like Google Music and Pandora to turn your entertainment center into a digital jukebox.

Watch a review from Android Authority below:


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