Dollhouse Worth $8.5 Million On View At Time Warner Center In Manhattan


Located in Manhattan's Columbus Circle, the Time Warner Center presents a museum quality dollhouse, the Astolat Castle

The Astolat Castle is the world's most valuable dollhouse and is said to be worth nearly $8.5 million! The architectural and interior quality of the Astolat Dollhouse is unrivaled; not even the Queen Mary's Dollhouse at Windsor Castle in England compares.  


(Photo : Courtesy of Astolat Dollhouse Castle)


The Astolat was built over a 13-year period, and this is the first real opportunity for individuals to experience the unique artistry of the miniature construction.

The structure has become a coveted design by adult collectors, miniaturists and children for the real-life components it possesses. The house is nine feet tall, weighs about 800 pounds and features 29 rooms with hallways, corridors and secret passages.

Executed by master miniaturist Elaine Diehl along with help from artisans around the globe, the materials that make up the dollhouse consist of copper, wood, faux stone and paper-mâché. The furnishings reference several periods and styles — Spanish, Oriental, Tudor, 18-Century English and Victorian.

These stylistic characters can be distinguished from the house's parquet floors, gold chandeliers, tapestries, oil paintings, several fireplaces and a wine cellar. There is even an armory, a trophy room and a staircase that extends to the top floor to the "wizards tower," where telescopes, an observatory and zodiac signs are present.

The Astolat Dollhouse Castle was designed for 360 degree viewing and includes a number of amenities that would be present of a Castle today.


(Photo : Courtesy of Astolat Dollhouse Castle)



The main floor is comprised of a foyer, stairway and butler's closet. The second floor consists of a formal living room, dining room, music room and balcony. The fourth level includes a private library with actual miniature books that are more than 100 years old, and the fifth level holds the sleeping quarters.

As if that isn't enough, the sixth floor consists of the grand ballroom, a musician's alcove, a bar and a seating area. The bar actually features a selection of the world's finest liquor.

Each miniature design, from the décor to the furniture, are antique, handcrafted and exclusive to the Castle. There are even artifacts from Pompeii.

(Photo : Courtesy of Astolat Dollhouse Castle)


These furnishings include sculptures, paintings, wood moldings, sconces, framed mirrors and an impressive array of accessories. The Dollhouse's details go beyond what one would expect, for example, inlaid marble bathrooms, and hand etched wood panels, gold elements and stunning lighting displays.

It isn't everyday you can read about a dollhouse being valued at $8.5 million, but with 10,000 elaborate miniature handmade pieces, it truly is a one-of-a-kind.

Experience the Astolat Castle Dollhouse before it leaves Manhattan. The viewing is free and it is installed on the second floor Mezzanine of Time Warner Center building in Columbus Circle.

Voluntary donations benefit children's charities. To find out more information, visit here.


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