Lobsters Are Cannibals? Well, They Have Nothing Else To Eat [VIDEO]

Lobster Cannibalism
(Photo : REUTERS/Fabian Bimmer ) In warmer waters, Lobster populations explode, leading to cannibalism.

When researcher Noah Oppenheim tossed a lobster overboard along with an infrared, waterproof camera, he expected cod, herring, and other fish to come feast on his poor victim.

What he encountered was a bit of a surprise. Oppenheim captured a lobster eating another lobster on film. Again, and again and again. It was no extraordinary occurence. Maine lobsters were using each other as a food source.

According to Mother Jones, warming waters can cause lobsters to grow larger and produce more offspring. Over the last decade, water temperatures have reached record highs in the Gulf of Maine. One side effect of the lobster boom is cannibalism; there are so many lobsters and so little food. 

This is the first time such a high degree of cannibalism has been encountered in the wild, Oppenheim says. Lobsters are known to "chomp" or "munch" on each other in captivity, but not feast on each other, as he had witnessed.

Oppenheim observed that young lobsters left overnight under his camera are over 90% more likely to be eaten by another lobster than by anything else.

Watch the video below on cannibalistic lobsters.


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