Kate Middleton Royal Baby vs. Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Baby: Infant Internet Fame

(Photo : REUTERS/Cathal McNaughton ) "Kate Middleton baby"was searched 139 million times in Google in the 24 hours after the birth.

If you've been curious about how the birth of the royal baby compared to the birth of Kimye's baby in terms of Internet fame, the wait is over.

New York Magazine compared the babies' fame in a few different categories.

In terms of Google hits in the 24 hours following the news of the birth, "Kate Middleton baby" was searched 139 million times, while "Kim Kardashian baby" was only searched 130,000.

Still, 130,000 more Google hits than any other new mother would get, right? Don't feel too bad about that one, Kimye.

When @ClarenceHouse announced the birth of the royal baby on Twitter, it got 15,424 retweets.

When @KrisJenner confirmed the birth of Kimye's baby on Twitter, she got 9,216 retweets.

One major difference between these births are of course, the photo opportunities.

We got to see Kate Middleton and the baby just one day after his birth, while we still haven't seen North West.

But finally, Kimye beats out the royal family in one category -- all-time Google searches of the fathers.

Prince William racked up 18,700,000 hits, while Kanye West, unsurprisingly, has 110 million hits.

Well, cheers to you, ridiculously-famous infants, and your ridiculously-famous births.

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