'No Man's Sky' Devs Try To Manage Its Release Hype, Sony Teases Its PlayStation VR Potential

"No Man's Sky"
(Photo : Hello Games) "No Man's Sky's" developers at Hello Games are eager to manage the hype for their project, but Sony is making it worse. Speculation continues that the title may arrive alongside PlayStation VR this spring. The final game is set to release on PS4 and PC in June of 2016.

"No Man's Sky" hype has been rising since its release date reveal during Paris Games week, but its creators at Hello Games urge fans to manage their expectations. At the same time, Sony recently made an interesting comment about the title's PlayStation VR potential.

The news comes to Design & Trend via video and text interviews from Eurogamer. Both sources offer conflicting takes on the rising excitement that surrounds "No Man's Sky's" concept.

As much as Hello Games' programmer Sean Murray is appreciative of the press his space exploration idea has garnered, he recently urged fans to approach the finished product with realistic prospects. He admitted that hype pervaded the title's initial reveal, but, in the scope of the chat, he curiously defined hype as "excitement that will ultimately end in hurt."

Because so many gamers have been eagerly awaiting every single official news update they can get their hands on, Murray touched on the fact there's "lots of pressure" to deliver what that hungry audience wants. To combat such stress, he has previously resorted to social media blackouts so his small team can focus on the work that's ahead.

Part of why the gaming industry remains so captivated by "No Man's Sky" is its nearly infinite universe of 18 quintillion planet-sized planets. However, in accord with his tempered attitude, Sean even attempted to downplay that accomplishment too. Exploration may be central to the experience, but, because it's a game, there are also certain systems that make its moment-to-moment action more interesting.

In fact, after spending several hours in the procedurally-generated map, it will supposedly start to feel more like an aesthetic than a living world. Murray compared the atmosphere to something "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim." Once its gameplay hooks are in place, those loops eventually supersede its surroundings.

Despite not being heavily discussed in this interview, these play styles include a mixture of resource mining, trade, species discovery and equipment upgrades.

Yet, while its developers spent lots of energy trying to curb the lofty dreams of "No Man's Sky's" rabid fan base, Sony officials are doing the opposite. Since the game has been delayed from its previous 2015 release window until June of next year, speculation is rising that the title might launch alongside the PlayStation VR headset that's set to release this spring.

When probed on the matter, PlayStation Europe CEO Jim Ryan said the "assumption is an interesting one." The open-ended nature of his statement leaves just enough room for more hype to cultivate.

In addition to PS4, "No Man's Sky" is also scheduled to release on PC in June of 2016.

Do you think "No Man's Sky" will be a victim of its hype? Will it release on PlayStation VR? Tell us what you think in the poll and comments section!

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