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Can This Wetsuit Scare Off a Great White Shark? [VIDEO]

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(Photo : YouTube) The black-and-white striped wetsuit mimics the patterns of toxic undersea life that sharks avoid.

There's no word yet on whether a special new wetsuit can protect you from a Sharknado.

But the suit's inventors say it will protect you from conventional sharks -- and may even scare them away.

There are actually two new wetsuits: a camouflaged suit to keep you hidden from sharks, and a patterned suit to ward them off.

Two Australian businessmen launched the project, dubbed Shark Attack Mitigation Systems, in response to a rash of shark attacks in Western Australia, BBC News reports.

In a typical year just one person dies from a shark bite, but five were killed since July 2012.

Since sharks rely on their vision to find dinner, special suits could confound them -- or trick them into thinking a surfer is dangerous and unpalatable, the New York Daily News reports.

The blue-and-white "Elude" suit, designed for divers and snorkelers, taps into research about sharks' color blindness and perception of light to hide you in plain sight.

The black-and-white striped "Diverter" suit for surfers mimics the patterns of toxic undersea life that sharks avoid.

Decals featuring the pattern are also available for the underside of surfboards and boats.

"It's safe, it's natural and gives the animals no harm at all," inventor Craig Anderson told the Daily News.

Take a look at the shark-repelling wetsuits in a video below:


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