Locket: Will This App Pay You to Use Your Smartphone? [VIDEO]

(Photo : REUTERS/Dado Ruvic) It's simple: just unlock your phone to earn cash.

You're going to talk, text and tweet -- so why not get paid for it?

Locket, a new app for Android devices, will actually pay you to turn your smartphone or tablet on and off.

The app replaces the lock screen on your device with a special lock screen featuring a full-screen advertisement. Each time you turn your phone's screen off a new ad will appear, Tech Crunch reports.

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You're not required to click on the ad, or even stop to take a look -- just unlock your phone as usual and go about your business.

But don't quit your day job. Each time you unlock your phone, Locket will pay you one cent - and earnings are capped at three cents per hour.

Engadget points out that even the most obsessive texters won't get rich. By unlocking your phone three times each hour, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, you'll earn just $262.80.

But Tech Crunch reports the kickbacks could grow if more advertisers get on board.

The app will collect data from Facebook, geolocation and other app usage to display targeted ads based on your preference.

At any point you can cash your earnings out on a gift card -- or donate them to a charity, if you're feeling generous.

Watch how it works in a video below:

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