Johnny Depp Sells Beloved Yacht Because Of 'Jealous' Wife Amber Heard?

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp
(Photo : Getty Images - Paul Marotta) Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has reportedly sold his beloved yacht, the Vajoliroja, named after ex-girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, in order to appease wife Amber Heard.

"Johnny loved that yacht. But he bought it for Vanessa," a source told Us Weekly. "And Amber is still jealous of her."

Depp has two children with Paradis: Lily-Rose, 16, and Jack, 13.

Heard, who wed Depp in January, recently slammed rumors that the duo's marriage is on the rocks, telling Hello! magazine, "I'm very happy. Marriage hasn't really changed anything between us. We know each other very well and enjoy our time together. I don't think your sense of who you are changes that much when you're in a relationship or marriage. What's beautiful is that you're able to learn more about another person and that deepens your understanding of each other."

"It amazes me when I think about everything that is being reported about me and my marriage," added Heard, 29. "I never read those stories myself, but my friends keep me informed about all the gossip. Probably I'm pregnant and divorced when this interview appears."

Heard's skin has become thicker in recent years. "I can't wait to turn 30 because every year that goes by I feel better about who I am. I'm becoming more confident and aware of what I want to accomplish. It's a good feeling," she said. "I try to follow my instincts and see where that takes me. I like being an assertive and self-confident woman who doesn't believe in conforming to all the myths and stereotypes that restrict our freedom."

Heard will next appear alongside Eddie Redmayne in "The Danish Girl," the true story of transgender woman Lili Elbe (Redmayne), one of the first recipients of sex reassignment surgery.

"The Danish Girl," directed by Tom Hooper, hits theaters Nov. 27. 


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