'The X-Files' Revival: Robert Patrick On Why He Isn't Part Of The Follow-Up Series

Robert Patrick
(Photo : Getty Images/Ethan Miller) Robert Patrick said that he's content with his part on the CBS action drama "Scorpion," so he sees no reason to reprise his role as agent John Doggett in the upcoming "The X-Files" revival.

Though "The X-Files" producers asked for his availability, actor Robert Patrick revealed that he was not officially asked to be part of the upcoming revival of the hit sci-fi series. But even if he's asked to join the six-episode miniseries, he still wouldn't agree to reprise his role as agent John Doggett.

"I had time to think about, 'Do I want to revisit that character?' and I wasn't so sure I did," Patrick said, as quoted by the Canadian Press. "When I left the show, the show was a hit, it was still doing well in the ratings, I was not sure why they were pulling the plug on it to begin with. And at the time, I was really ready to let that play. I was committed to doing it for five years."

Doggett appeared in 40 episodes of the series' original run. He joined the show in season 8 in 2000, along with Annabeth Gish, who played as his character's friend and partner agent Monica Reyes. Unlike Patrick, Gish will reprise his role in the follow-up series.

The Chris Carter-created series originally cast Patrick and Gish on the show as part of Fox's effort to prolong the series following the loss of star David Duchovny amid a contract dispute, according to Entertainment Weekly. Reyes and Doggett were dubbed by some fans as the unwelcome potential replacement for Fox Mulder (Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson).

Patrick currently plays agent Cabe Gallo on the CBS action drama "Scorpion," and he said that the "X-Files" fans may notice shades of John Doggett in his "Scorpion" character.

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"I'm sure there are certain parts of John Doggett that bled over into Cabe Gallo," the 56-year-old actor told Canada.com. "And I don't really see a reason to revisit [agent Doggett] right now. I'm very content on my network and with the show I'm doing. Timing-wise, it just wasn't a good time for me to go back and revisit that."

This past June, Patrick revealed to The Mary Sue that in general, he's not really interested in revisiting his past roles.

"It's all about what's ahead of me, not what's behind me," he explained. "It's like when I'm riding my motorcycle -- I'm not really looking at what's behind me, I'm looking at what's ahead of me, at where I'm going, and I'm concerned about it. I still think there's some great things out there for me to do, and [my character on 'Scorpion'] Cabe Gallo is one of them."

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"The X-Files" revival premieres on Sunday, Jan. 24, right after the NFL's NFC championship game on Fox.

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