Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Announces Company Wide Reorganization



Steve Ballmer, Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, announced Thursday a massive companywide reorganization that may leave just about everyone feeling nervous about the future of one of largest technology companies in the world.

However, despite this initial concern, it's doubtful that Microsoft's Dynamics business applications division or its customers need to worry. While Ballmer wasn't exactly forthcoming in his memo about the changes , what he did say was revealing.

Ballmer wrote about "one Microsoft" focused on "shared goals," with engineering divided into four categories: operating systems, applications, cloud and devices. (Anyone think this idea sounds vaguely Apple-ish, in function if not form?)

Supposedly, this reorganization will enable  Dynamics to better align itself with the broad strategy Ballmer is trying to execute, analyst Michael Krigsman, of the consulting firm Asuret, reportedly said.

One important thing to take away from this, say industry insiders, isn't just about where people have been moved to or how the company has shifted. Experts point out that, after Thursday's announcement, it seems that  the rumors of Microsoft selling off its Dynamics unit because it wasn't a large enough business will officially have been put to rest, proving that the tech giant think it can profit in the business app space.

This should come as no surprise though--even before Ballmer's plan, Microsoft's stated goal, was to bring Microsoft technologies such as Yammer and Skype together with Dynamics.



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