Pepsi Cola Company: New Report Says Pepsi Soda Still Uses Cancerous Chemical

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(Photo : REUTERS/Mike Blake) Cases of Pepsi are displayed for sale in Carlsbad, California February 7, 2012. PepsiCo Inc. will report their earnings February 9.

The Center of Environmental Health published a reports stating that Pepsi Co products have a chemical linked to cancer in rodents. 

According to Seeking Alpha, both PepsiCo and Coca-Cola pledged to stop using the chemical, called 4-methylimadozole, as a part of its caramel coloring. After recent testing, however, it is apparent that Pepsi Co. still uses the chemical in their products sold outside of California. 

The CEH - or the Center of Environmental Health - found the presence of the chemical from Pepsi sodas purchased in ten different states. When testing Coca-Cola's ingredients, the soda no longer tested positive for the chemical. 

"The caramel color in all of our products has been, is and always will be safe," Coca-Cola Co. spokesperson Ben Sheidler told CBS News.

Pepsi said its caramel coloring supplies are in the process of changing their manufacturing methods to cut down on the harmful chemical. Pepsi said it will be taken out globally. But for now, that's not the case.

Although California listed 4-Mel on its list of carcinogens, there are no traceable studies showing that it causes cancer in humans. The only study listing was based on mice and rats. No other study ever countered the accepted results. 

The FDA also said that the consumer would have to drink more than 1,000 cans of a soda a day to reach the dose analogous to that which causes cancer in rats. 

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