'No Man's Sky' Release Date Is 'Nearly Here': Sean Murray Talks Story, Boredom Of His PS4 Game

"No Man's Sky"
(Photo : Hello Games) "No Man's Sky's" release date is coming soon according to the game's lead programmer, Sean Murray. He also admitted that the experience may be initially boring for some players depending on the planet on which they spawn. When the final product is ready to play, it will be available on PS4 and PC.

"No Man's Sky's" release date is "nearly here" according to Hello Games programmer Sean Murray. He also recently revealed new story details, and admitted that his PS4 and PC game may be boring for some.

The details come to Design & Trend via with full translation by ExploreNMS. While speaking to Italian press about his experience at E3 2015, the figurehead for this space exploration experience revealed some surprising details about the game.

Similar to free roaming titles like "Minecraft," "No Man's Sky" doesn't have an expansive narrative to share with players. That being said, there are a few basic lore details available. Gamers essentially enter "No Man's Sky's" universe as a completely alien life form amongst an ecosystem that's very much in progress. The skies are controlled by a robotic guardian race called the Sentinels that strive to maintain order at all costs. If a player does something to interrupt the environment, the Sentinels might attack and establish a negative relationship. A star-based wanted system akin to "Grand Theft Auto" reveals how criminal an individual is.

There will also be several factions in addition to the Sentinels that it will be possible to ally with or malign. It's assumed that, when in danger, the factions one is loyal to may be more inclined to help them survive.

Speaking of survival, one of the hallmark hooks of "No Man's Sky" is the game's procedurally generated world that gamers must traverse safely. As discussed in our previous coverage, Murray reiterated that each explorer will begin their journey on a totally different planet.  When asked if these variable starting points can sometimes spawn boring results he said "yes. It's a thing that can totally happen." He also admitted that this approach "may be a problem for a developer," but he likes it nonetheless.

As far as extremes are concerned, how one begins "No Man's Sky" is completely the luck of the draw in the scope of 18 quintillion planets. While a friend might spawn in a useful area full of resources, others might be attacked by Sentinels as soon as the universe loads.

Ever since the game was first unveiled at last year's E3, "No Man's Sky's" release date has been a source of debate. To these ends, Murray slyly replied "the release date is nearly here, that's all I can say." Despite being at quite an advanced stage of development, Sean doesn't want to announce an exact day until he knows his team can deliver on their promise. In another interview, Murray said they initially planned to announce release news at E3 a few weeks ago but decided against it at the last minute.

Officially, "No Man's Sky" is scheduled to release later this year on PS4 and PC.

Does the story and concept of "No Man's Sky" sound boring to you? Will this game actually release in 2015? Tell us what you think in the comments section!

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